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Biking in Sweden

The easiest way to get around in Linköping and Norrköping is by bicycle. winter2010

In winter time the roads are usually cleared from snow quickly so you can rely on it all year around (but do be careful on ice).

Bicycle equipment

You need to have:

  • both front and rear lights
  • front, back and wheel reflectors
  • a bell

Consider also wearing a helmet.

We strongly suggest to invest into a good bicycle lock.

If you are stopped by the police without lights in the dark, the fine is about 700 SEK. Police usually have checks, particularly in Autumn in student areas.

students on bicycles


Second-hand bicycles

A normal price for a used bicycle is around 700-900 SEK. In some second hand shops it’s possible to sell the bicycle back: if that is the case remember to keep the receipt. We recommend buying from a shop and getting a receipt rather than buying from a fellow student, since receipt is necessary if you need to claim insurance for the bicycle.

Stores with second hand bikes in Linköping:

  • Hanaa Valla Cykelservice, Ulvåsavägen 10, tel. 013-13 06 40
  • Vide cykelservice, Videgatan 1, mob. 0707-72 92 96
  • Kå-Jis Cykel, Götgatan 17,   tel. 013- 14 22 60
  • Amir Cykelaffär, Hertig Karlsgatan 14B, tel. 013- 12 81 12
  • Andreas Nyckel- och cykelservice, St. Larsgatan 15, mob.: 0707678144
  • Ryds Sko- och Nyckelservice, Ryds Centrum, tel. 013 - 17 66 90
  • Nellborgs Cykel, Nya Tanneforsvägen 96, tel. 013 - 14 10 03
  • Biltema, Tornby close to IKEA (not second hand but reasonably priced)
  • www.blocket.se (buy and sell site)
  • ESN Linköping or ISA Linköping Facebook

You can also take a look at the LiU Notice Board (the buy and sell site for LiU students).

Bicycle shops in Norrköping:

  • Kungs sko & cykel, Kungsgatan 32, tel. 011 - 13 45 75



Bicycle repair in Linköping

Many of the shops above also offer repairs.

For students living in Ryd, the student council FR Ryd can help with bicycle repairs and advice. There is also a possibility to borrow tools, a bike, sewing machine, games and so forth. 
Contact: cykel@frryd.se

Flamman also has a student council, FR Flamman.

Some of the above second hand bike shops also have a repair shop.

What if your bicycle is stolen?

First of all, always keep the receipt of your purchase. Second, file a police report. Contact the Police on phone 114 14 or go to the station on Brigadgatan 13 in Linköping or Stockholmsvägen 4-6 in Norrköping. More information on www.polisen.se

If you rent a corridor room via the University you are covered by a home insurance with Länsförsäkringar. Contact them at 013-29 06 00 or privatskadorB42@lfostgota.se for information on how to file a claim. You need to include copies of the police report and your receipt. The value of the bike must be higher than the deductible of 1200 SEK, in order to make a claim.
If you are renting from another landlord and/or have purchased home insurance on your own, check what applies.

If you need more information or help, contact the International Office in Zenit building.

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