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Some common Swedish shops

Hemköp - the main supermarket in the student area Ryd, Linköping. It can also be found on Kungsgatan in Norrköping.   A Hemköp client card gives discounts. Hemköp in Ryd does not accept creditcard without pin code.

Willys - a grocery store with fairly low prices, ususally somewhat off the city centre. In Linköping they can be found in Tornby and Skäggetorp shopping centres. In Norrköping: in Mirum shopping centre and Ingelsta.

ICA - one of the more common Swedish supermarkets, placed all over Linköping and Norrköping. ICA Maxi is the bigger version often located outside the city centre. In Linköping one is placed in Tornby. In Norrköping it’s in Hageby Centrum.

Coop - a common grocery store and supermarket found in many places. Coop has a wide selection of organic and partially organic groceries. Just like ICA, there is a bigger version, Coop Forum, in Tornby area.

City Gross - the store is well known for its good quality meat. All fresh meat is from Sweden and the price is relatively low. The store is located in Lambohov and Mantorp.

Netto - a Danish store with low prices, but not the widest selection. Located in the centre of Linköping as well as between Skäggetorp and Tornby. In Norrköping you can find Netto on Stockholmsvägen and Bråddgatan.

Lidl - German low price grocery store situated in the shopping centre of Skäggetorp, Linköping, and Lindövägen, Norrköping.

IKEA - a famous Swedish store that has almost anything you need for your home. You can find IKEA in Tornby shopping centre in Linköping. Unfortunately there’s no IKEA in Norrköping.

Hemtex - bed linen, curtains, towels. Several stores in the city centre and Tornby shopping centre. In Norrköping you can find Hemtex in Gallerian Linden.

Asian store - stores for Asian food can be found at Storgatan 6 and Torggatan, Linköping.

Second-hand shops

Most second-hans shops in Sweden are quite nicely put togehter, and you can do great bargains there. Their websites are mainly in Swedish


Myrorna – the Salvation Army shop  for used furniture, rugs, utensils, clothes situated near the Cathedral, Platensgatan 6

Hjärta till Hjärta - Second-hand shop for used furniture, utensils, clothes situated in Tornby at Gottorpsgatan 51

Erikshjälpen second hand - Non-profit voluntary organization

Kretsboden - Roxtorpsgatan 14

Nostalgimix - Gamla Tanneforsvägen 17 A

Röda Korset Linköpingskretsen - Nygatan 11


Bra & Begagnat - Finspångsvägen 27

Dahlberg Second-hand - S:t Persgatan 45

Erikshjälpen - Hagebygatan 31

Hela Människan - Kabelvägen 2

Kupan, Röda Korset - Hospitalsgatan 20

Lasse Liten - Repslagaregatan 28

Myrorna - Gamla Rådstugugatan18 

Student discounts

Read more about Mecenat and where to use your LiU card as a discount card



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