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Traveling by bus

Useful bus lines in Linköping

12, 20 University (Get off/on Vallfarten or Mäster Mattias väg)– Train station (Resecentrum)
2 Resecentrum - city - Campus US - Police - Campus Valla (get off/off at Campushallen)-Lambohov
4 Resecentrum- city - Campus US - Police - Campus Valla (get off/on at Campushallen")-Lambohov
3 Ryd - City centre – Train Station (Resecentrum)
10 Train Station (Resecentrum) – Tornby/IKEA
26 Ryd – IKEA

There is no direct bus between Ryd and Campus Valla. Most students choose to walk or go by bicycle. If you want to go from Ryd to Campus Valla by bus, take bus number 3 from Ryd towards Resecentrum, get off at Gamla Linköping, cross over to the other side of the road, and take bus 12 to the university.

Map of bus lines within Linköping

Useful bus and tram lines in Norrköping

115 Herstaberg-Ingelsta-Resecentrum-Norr Tull-Söder Tull-Vrinnevisjukhuset.

Get off at Skvallertorget if you’re going to Campus Norrkoping.

Map of bus lines within Norrköping

Paying for the ticket

You are not able to purchase a ticket on board the local buses. Purchase a single ticket at a green Quickomat machine. Or better, invest in a top-up travel card, Resekortet - which can be purchased at Pressbyrån. On the regional bus lines and trams, you can purchase your ticket with a credit card on board, but it is cheaper to pay with a top-up card.                 

quickomat nt

For further information about buses, timetables and prices, see Östgötatrafiken website

Campus bus

Don’t forget that Östgötatrafiken’s bus number 73 is free for all students with a LiU-card, but only during the semester. The bus runs between Campus US (Linköping), Campus Valla (Linköping) and Campus Norrköping.


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