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Mailing lists

In Student portal you can find your mailing lists and search for other mailing lists.

Please note that the university has restrictions on the use of these lists. If you are going to send e-mail to a list, please read about these first.

If you have any questions regarding the emaillists, please contact helpdesk@student.liu.se.

For employees

Staff at Linköping University can find student mailing lists at www.liu.se/insidan/it/epost/search.

Mass mailing

Mass e-mailing to a large number of people should be done with restraint. Study related information from Linköping University is allowed, but all commercial mass mailing is forbidden. The letter must be approved by the IT director, with a few exceptions.

Read the rules and policy about mass mailing here: www.liu.se/insidan/it/epost/regler-for-massutskick


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