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Printer locations

Printers and copy equipment are located in all computer halls administrated by departments and students organisations. They can also be found in libraries and open self service stations.

There are also printer queues in common called PrintAnywhere. If you should use this service, the document is not printed out immediately but you receive the print out from any multi-function printer you choose, you don't need to know the name of the copy printer.

Service stations for students

Campus Norrköping
1 copy printer in Kåkenhus floor 4 (outside hall K42)
1 copy printer in Kåkenhus floor 2 (outside hall K21)
1 copy printer in Bomullsspinneriet floor 2 (Bompunkten)
1 copy printer in Gropen floor 2 (outside GR203)
1 copy printer in Spetsen floor 3 (outside room 3114)

Campus Valla Linköping:
1 copy printer in C-building floor 2 (corridor 18 outside AV-centre)
1 copy printer in C-building floor 2 (corridor 14/R – outside canteen)
1 copy printer in A-building floor 2 (the open area outside the Island computer hall)
1 copy printer in D-building floor 2 (entrance 43 – between buildings D and I)

Computer halls for students

Computer halls (administrated by departments or student organisations)

Norrköping Campus: Kåkenhus – Täppan – Spetsen – Bomullspinneriet
Valla Linköping Campus: A-building – B-building – D-building – Key

Computer halls (open for all students)
Norrköping Campus: Bompunkten
Valla Linköping Campus: Key – D-building
US Campus: Hus 002-003-007-464

Libraries (open for everyone)
Norrköping Campus: CNB in Kåkenhus
Valla Linköping Campus: HumSam in D-building – TekNat in B-building.
US Campus Linköping: HUB 

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