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How to block your card?


If you lose your LiU-card you must block it immediately. Block the card:

  • At any of our LiU-card stations.
  • By sending an e-mail from your student e-mail account to liukortet@liu.se. When contacting us via e-mail, always state your P-number (personnummer). Blocking by mail generally takes about two working days.

To get a new LiU-card generally costs 50 SEK. If you are at Campus Valla you must buy a check for that amount from AV-Service/Snabbkopieringen in the C-building and then give that to us in exchange for a new card. If you are at Campus Norrköping you can pay directly at the LiU-card station. If you are at Campus HU the new card is gratis.

If you should find your lost and blocked card before you have collected a new one, you will get the new card for free if you turn in the old one.

Page responsible: liukortet@liu.se
Last updated: 2012-10-02