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Keep your apartment during the summer!

If you are a student on a programme that lasts longer than one year and planning to leave town for summer, we strongly recommend you do not terminate your accommodation contract before the summer holiday. During the autumn intake, priority is given to new students. Those who cancel their apartment before summer may spend several weeks to months looking for new accommodation.

If you rent with Studentbostäder or have a 10-month contract with StudentBo or ByggVesta, you are not required to pay rent for June and July.

Bills during summer

If you use external services, for example an Internet provider, and it is not included in the accommodation fee, make sure you do one of the following:

  • terminate the contract
  • find a way to receive and pay the bills (in most cases, bills are sent via post, not email)
  • ask a friend to take care of your bills

Otherwise, when you return you will collected expensive fees for unpaid bills - even if your accommodation happens to be free of charge during summer.

Changing your current accommodation

If you want to change your current accommodation, regardless of the length of your studies, it is advisable to do so in late winter and early spring. Generally, this is when the largest number of apartments are available.

If your contract expires before summer, it is also recommended to look for an alternative during late winter/early spring.

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