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Welcome to Farewell Ceremony 2017

Linköping University wishes to thank students on International Masters programmes who are in their last term of studies. This festive congratulatory ceremony marks the end of your studies and the beginning of your time as an alumnus.

When: 13 June 2017

Time: 13:30 - ca 17

Where: Kårhuset Kollektivet, Ågatan 55, Linköping

Transportation Norrköping <--> Linköping

  • Students travelling from Norrköping can travel for free on the campus bus (number 73). Use your LiU-Card as ticket.

  • Guests can travel on the same bus (number 73) but need to purchase a ticket. It is not possible to buy a ticket on the bus. Please buy a travel card in advance at Östgötatrafiken and charge it with money.

  • Campus bus (number 73)

Norrköping --> Linköping, campus US

Linköping, campus US --> Norrköping







Campus bus time table on the 13th of June

     The event:

  • This is an official occasion and celebration, please wear your finest clothes. You are also very welcome to wear your national costume.

  • The event includes congratulatory speeches, a get-together, photo opportunity and a chance to mingle.

  • Light refreshments will be served.


  • You a very welcome to bring two guests. In the registration that will be emailed to you, you should mark 0, 1 or 2 guests.

  • If your guests require a visa in order to travel to Sweden, you should start the visa application process as soon as possible in order for it to be ready in time. Please read here about inviting friends and relatives. Contact the Swedish Migration Board directly with any further questions.

    Congratulatory letter and degree:

  • During the ceremony, a congratulatory letter is handed out by Professor Helen Dannetun, Vice Chancellor.

  • You can apply for a diploma once you have completed all your courses and your thesis. For more information about applying for your academic degree, please see this link.


  • LiU Store will be present during the event, offering products with logotype of Linköping University. Use the chance to show the world that you are a Linköping University alumnus - get a t-shirt, a hoodie or a bag!

  • Please make sure you can pay in cash as they will not be able to accept bank cards. 

    Invitation and sign up:

  • You sign up by using the registration link which will be sent in April. A place is reserved upon sign-up. The sign-up is binding. There are limited number of spaces.

  • You can only sign up once, even if you have studied two programmes. It is unfortunately not possible to sign up for two programmes.

  • The ceremony marks the end of your studies and the beginning of your time as alumnus/alumna. Nevertheless, if you still have a couple of courses to complete, you can still participate, as the event is only held once a year.

  • Atlantis students, programme coordinators and key actors in the sphere of internationalisation are also invitied to celebrate with us. Swedish students from international masters programmes are of course also welcome.


  • The ceremony is free of charge. However, please respect your commitment by signing up once the invitation is sent and letting us know if something prevents you from attending.


    If you have any questions, please contact us at farewell.ceremony@liu.se





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