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Teachers and inspirers commended by students

The students at the Institue of Technology and the Faculty of Health Sciences have handed out awards to their favourite teachers. This year’s Golden Carrot (“Gyllene Moroten”) prize – awarded by the technology students – went to Ingrid Andersson, while the Faculty of Health Sciences handed their Teacher of the Year prize to Kajsa Johansson.This year there is also a new award: Excellent Inspirer (“Utmärkt inspiratör”).

Ingrid Andersson

Ingrid Andersson (pictured, right) primarily teaches thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and mechanics to engineering students. She has received the award for “passionate interest in her subject, which she enthusiastically shares with her students”, for being responsive and showing great interest in each student’s knowledge development. In their statement, the students also write that the course has a clear structure that instils confidence because they know exactly what is expected of them.

“I feel very honoured. Receiving an award from the students is very gratifying and encouraging, and I am even more motivated to continue my work,” comments Ingrid Andersson at IEI, the Department of Management and Engineering.

Kajsa Johansson (lower picture) teaches subjects including musculoskeletal diseases, pain and pain treatment at the physiotherapy programme’s basic, advanced and post-doctoral levels. The Faculty of Health Sciences students mention that “she has an infectious enthusiasm for physiotherapy as a scientific field on the rise, and manages to keep her lectures at a level that is neither too high nor too low.”

Kajsa Johansson

“I am happy and proud to receive this award. I am passionate about conveying theoretical and practical knowledge and I really value that the students have shown their appreciation in this way. I see this award as part of my pedagogical resumé,” says Johansson.

This year also marks the first time that the Consensus student association at the Faculty of Health Sciences has awarded the Excellent Inspirer prize.

“Seeing as we only have one teachers’ award, we wanted to highlight other people who contribute to a good educational environment, like study advisers for example,” says Therese Björn Johansson at Consensus.

This year the Excellent Inspirer award goes to: Jane Holstein – occupational therapist programme, Andreas Eriksson – pharmacology, Maria Malmsten – clincal speech pathologist, Jonas Andersson – histology teaching assistant, Karin Persson – pharmacology, Paul Erixson – physiotherapist programme, Ann-Christin Josefsson – student unit and Patrik Rytterström – nursing programme.

Eva Bergstedt 2012-05-10

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