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Student Questionnaire – Make a Difference

On 17 February LiU students – including yourself – were emailed a questionnaire. This is your chance to express your views on your study environment. The university is keen to get this feedback, as it provides valuable information that helps it make improvements.

”We’re a campus university that attracts students from all over Sweden. We offer good study programmes, but we also have to offer study environments of equally high quality, if our students are to enjoy their time here. For this reason, the student questionnaire is an important part of our efforts to continually improve,” says LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun.

De tre studiesocialt ansvariga på sina kårerThis is the fourth time that the university and its student unions carry out the questionnaire. Nathalie Lindström from the student union Consensus, Linda Espling from LinTek and Julius Nilsson from StuFF are student-social managers at the student unions.

”The questions are about studies, equal opportunity for all students, student democracy, support services like career counselling, student health and language workshops, but also practical things like study spaces and student kitchens. It takes 10 minutes of your life, but can make the queue for a microwave 15 minutes shorter,” says Linda Espling.

”The purpose of the student questionnaire is to get the students’ views on their studies and study environment, the support they get, or would like to get,” says Julius Nilsson.

Studentundersökningen - berätta vad du tyckerThe questionnaire is sent to students who take at least 22.5 credits and have studied for one semester or more. In previous years the response rate has been 50 per cent, an excellent result that gives a good picture of what the students think.

The previous student questionnaire told us that more than 8 of 10 students were satisfied with their time as a student at LiU. But there was room for improvement. For instance the students wanted more study places and better arrangements for food. Since then, 289 new study places and four new student kitchens have been installed. There are several new restaurants, the library at the Faculty of Health Sciences has been renovated and lecture theatres have been equipped with projectors and much more – all as a direct result of the students’ responses in the questionnaire.

”The student questionnaire is the best way for students to get the university to work on something quickly. They can improve the working conditions for themselves and for future students,” says Nathalie Lindström.


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