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There are many reasons why you should be registered for a course or a program:

  • Swedish law (SFS 1993:1153) states that all institutes of higher education must keep register of all their students
  • You won't risk losing your place in a course or a programme
  • You are entitled to attend lectures and seminars
  • You receive credits for your studies
  • The department receives funds for your place in a programme or course
  • You can attend parties and activities arranged for students
  • You can use student discounts

How and where do I register?

All program or course registration is normally always done in the online service Student Portal.

If you are a new student and have a Swedish civic registration number, you first have to create a temporary LiU-ID (student account) at account.liu.se/antagen in order to register. Log in with your account from universityadmissions.se. Follow the instructions to create your temporary LiU-ID. Then you get access to the Student Portal.

If you are new student and have only a temporary civic number then please contact Student Service Desk for manual help.

If you already have been studying at Linköping University AND have a LiU-ID, register in the Student Portal.

If you have problems with your registration contact  the Student Service Desk or Studentenheten if you are a student at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Please note that you cannot register by e-mail or fax.

When do I register?

Registration is possible within 3 weeks from the course starting date. Registration is opens earliest the day after the course starts.

How do I register if I do not live in Linköping or Norrköping?

In the Student Portal, or if you have problems contact the Student Service Desk.

Registration request or cancellation of registration

Before you register you have to read the rules concerning registration/cancel of registration (Dnr LiU 750/06-20). Your confirmation also applies that you understand the current rules and are responsible for following them. You will do the confirmation in Student Portal in the registration process. Registration cannot be done without confirmation.

How do I cancel my registration?
Students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences cancel their registration by contacting the department or Student Service Desk. Students at the Faculty of Health Sciences contacts both Studentenheten and the department, and students at the Institute of Technology contacts the international coordinator.

Form for Registration request

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