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 Opportunities for studies abroad

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Study abroad

As a student at Linköping University you have the opportunity to plan to undertake a part of your studies abroad. Here you can find all the information you need! Take the opportunity to see the world, enhance your studies and discover the lifetime benefit.Vinnare fototavling


  • LiU has been awarded seven years of membership in the education exchange programme Erasmus+ which makes it possible for LiU students to choose from over 1000 exchange agreement places per year in the European countries. If you go abroad as an Erasmus student you receive a grant during your studies abroad. Within a few years’ time, the new programme might also make it possible to study at certain universities outside of Europe with Erasmus grants. In case you prefer to go on a practical placement in another European country during two to twelve months, you could apply for a practical placement grant from the Erasmus programme. For further information on Erasmus, please see the links to the left.

Picture: The winner in 2012's photo contest "Work experience in Tanzania" by Kerstin Åkesson (nursing).

  • Erasmus Impact Study reveals that around 1 million babies may have been born to Erasmus couples since 1987. Indeed, some pleasant numbers. The study published on September 22 also reports that young people who have studied abroad have higher chances to find employment and at the same time are less likely to experience long-term unemployment. In addition to that, the report also shows that almost one-third of Erasmus students meet their long-term life partners while being on exchange, which is quite apparently one of the reasons behind the above mentioned baby boom. A short video report on viEUws.eu and an article on Deutsche Welle can be considered for more information about Erasmus Impact Study.
  • Studying abroad boosts creativity!

Do you need more information? Please contact your faculty coordinator:

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Anna Sandelin

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Link to Faculty of Arts & Sciences website

Mathilda Ingemarsson


Faculty of Educational Sciences

Mathilda Ingemarsson

Faculty of Sciences and Engineering

Annika Holm



LiU-student blogs

Blogs from students on exchange in Europe



Check-in Europe - international community for Erasmus Alumni


Useful information

Erasmus Placements/Traineeships


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Read more about the rights and obligations of Erasmus students in the Erasmus Student Charter










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