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Linköpings studentsångare

Christmas concerts

Get into the Christmas spirit together with a Linköping University choir or orchestra. Here are the details of Christmas concerts and Lucia celebrations for 2022.

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping for a good cause

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? And at the same time want to contribute to a good cause? ​
Student Union Global Relations and the Student Union StuFF are organising a Christmas sale in the Student House on 1 December from 9.30 - 15.30.

Akshay Gurudath

Master's student awarded for research on traffic flow patterns

Akshay Gurudath receives the Christer Gilén Scholarship for his degree project in statistics and machine learning.

Alfred Nobel

Nobel prize presentations at LiU

This year’s presentations of the six Nobel prizes will start Friday 2 December and continue for six weekdays until Friday 9 December.

Illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone.

More extensive use of two-step verification

Starting 30 November, you will need to use two-step verification when logging in from an external network to LiU services.

The back part of the Campus Bus.

The Campus Bus bus stop remains at US southern entrance

The bus stop for the Campus Bus will remain at the southern hospital entrance for the rest of the year 2022, due to roadworks. More information will be available in the beginning of January.

Screenshot from the My IT system showing an illustration of a Liu card. The status of the card is sh

Administer the LiU card more easily

For example, you can now lock or block your LiU card and change your PIN via MinIT.

Juliane Maria Kraskes

She took on the challenge of creating climate-neutral campuses

How can university campuses become climate-neutral? Students from different parts of Europe came together to address this question in the first ECIU Strategic Challenge. Juliane Maria Kraskes from Linköping University was there.

LiU Game Conference

LiU Game Conference 17 November

LiU Game Conference is an annual conference about computer games and digital experiences. We explore trends in digital entertainment with games industry professionals and studios from all over the world.

Giacomo Carraro

LiU doctoral student awarded Gunnar Engström Scholarship

Giacomo Carraro, doctoral student at LiU, has been awarded the ABB Gunnar Engström Scholarship for his research into improving the production of biogas. The scholarship has a value of SEK 150,000.

Illustration of a desk in a home environment. On the desk is a laptop computer.

VPN required for remote login

As of November 2022, access to the remote services requires you to be connected to the university VPN when using remote login services.

honorary doctor hat

Academic celebration 10 – 12 November

At Linköping University the main academic tradition is the Academic Ceremony, which takes place once a year. Read more about the celebration and the lectures given by Honorary doctors.

Digital campus VR

Ideas for a smart campus

​Many are interested in moving to a smart digital campus in the future. But what will it mean, and what challenges will it bring? At the turn of the year, a report will be published mapping out the way forward for LiU.

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