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Polopoly will be shut down December 15, 2023. Existing pages will have to be moved before or will be removed at that date. Empolyees may read more at FAQ Polopoly Avveckling

For students at Linköping University

Liunet is open!


This is where you find useful info about campus, the support and various aids that LiU offers, how to apply to study abroad, the rights and responsibilities of students, and loads of other practical information and short cuts. 

Information about courses and programmes will still be found in Lisam, while information about student societies, sections and nations will be published on the Kårservice website at studentlivet.se.

When Liunet now opens, much of the old student.liu.se will be dismounted. 

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Here you will find all the information you need as a student. And then some.

As a student there is loads of information that is important for you to be able to find. Some of the resources and services here will be useful to you nearly every day, while you will use others more seldom. We have compiled the overview below to guide you in the huge amount of information here and the various platforms available.

Illustration of what you can do in different places: Liunet for students, Lisam and studentlivet.se.

Page manager: studentredaktionen@liu.se
Last updated: 2022-12-20