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Student sitting on a chair in a classroom, doing an examination.

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Student news

Registration for the autumn semester 2020

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty and remember that the sooner you register the better.

A graphical timetable.

The timetable for the Autumn semester

The timetable for the Autumn semester up and until week 44 will be published on Timeedit on Tuesday August 4th. The remaining weeks will be published later.

Two female students working together.

Extension of the temporary ban on travel to Sweden – eased restrictions for students

On 2 July, the Swedish government extended the temporary ban for all travel to Sweden until 31 August 2020. It decided at the same time to ease restrictions on several types of traveller. Students have been added to the list of those who may be granted exemption from the prohibition against entering Sweden. The new regulations come into force on 4 July.

Two feet from behind, a person sitting in a large room.

Keep the deadline when registering for exams

- If you are planning to take an exam in August, don’t forget to register! Registration for an exam is carried out at the student portal or in the LiU app at least 10 days before the date of the exam. It is not possible to post-register for an exam.
- If you cannot participate, don’t forget to cancel your registration for the examination!

LiU coworkers in line outside the Servicepunkten.

Many fall victim to well-crafted phishing attack

Linköping University was hit by a phishing attack on Wednesday 24 June that led to the suspension of several LiU co-workers’ accounts, and a few student accounts.

Illustration of email notification.

Accounts temporarily suspended after phishing

(Updated Friday 26 June, 16:00) Accounts that have fallen for the phishing have been temporarily suspended. Information is now available on how to reactivate your account.

Female sitting in front of a laptop.

Clarification of exam-related concepts

The activation of distance mode this spring has made it clear that it is necessary to introduce a new concept for a “written examination in an examination hall taken in distance mode”. The LiU management has therefore decided to introduce the concept of a “distance exam”.

Screen capture of new start page in Lisam.

New start page in Lisam

The start page in Lisam will be updated on 22 June, and the presentation changed to give a better overview of the contents of modern collaboration sites and course rooms. These are becoming increasing popular with users.

Screenshot of the presentation made by the students of Team Bosch in the form of a news broadcast fr

Students presented design solutions to international audience

Under normal circumstances, the course would culminate in a presentation and networking event in Silicon Valley, USA. Instead, an innovative and creative digital solution had to be quickly put together. "The best event we have had" says Marie Bengtsson, who has been a teacher and organizer during the course.

Mina Mani Kashani, Joakim Åström and Beate Lindholm Undén.

Services designed for a new age

Security in the gig economy, a solution for long-term unemployment and the creativity of young people are areas in which students of design at LiU have developed new smart services. A 12-credit course in service design has just ended.

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