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Student news

A black robot.

A rude robot designed by students

A group of LiU students has built a prototype of a robot intended to help visitors to the Östergötland Museum. The students gave it one friendly personality and one slightly unpleasant one.

A person on a bicycle and a couple walking, a building in the background and a tree with autumn leav

Increased presence on campus this autumn

LiU is planning to start the autumn term of 2021 with more students on campus than is currently the case, but restrictions will remain concerning such matters as the size of groups. Everything depends on how the infection of covid-19 continues to spread, and the effects of mass vaccination.

A black exclamation mark, light blue background.

Don’t forget to reply

At the beginning of February, all LiU students received a survey by email, asking about their experience of distance mode. It is important for LiU to know how you are experiencing the situation, so please make sure that you send in your reply. The final date for replies is 19 February.

Text (in sw): AMO-veckan 2021 22-26 februari.

AMO-veckan - how do we survive a pandemic as students?

During week 8 (22-26 February), Consensus, LinTek, StuFF, and the work environment representatives (AMO) from all sections welcome you to a digital AMO week, a week that focuses on the work environment at LiU. You will be able to participate in training sessions, quizzes and interesting lectures, and have good chances to win great prizes.

LiU Student Secondhand logo.

Free Transportation Day with LiU Student Secondhand

LiU Student Secondhand wants to help you give furniture a new life! Since it usually is difficult and heavy to carry bigger furniture to the shop in the A building LSSh organize a transportation event 13th February. Last day to sign up is 11th February.

Floor sign with keep distance message.

Stay at home until end of spring term

LiU’s Crisis Management Group has extended the decision regarding work from home until 30 June. This means that access to LiU premises will continue to be limited, and that all students must continue to work from home.

Registration for the spring semester 2021

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty and remember that the sooner you register the better. If you are studying a single subject course you can register the day after the course has started.

Text LARM21, black background.

Find your future at LARM2021

LARM2021 is getting closer. 9th February you are welcome to join the celebration of the 40-year anniversary of LARM, where over 70 exhibitors participate.

A red mentometer with a happy, sad and neutral face.

Following up how students experience distance mode

In the spring of 2020, LiU conducted a survey of how LiU students were faring in the distance mode in force at the time. This is now being followed up in an email to all students.

Illustration: envelope with email.

A more secure LiU inbox

New security features will soon be active in students’ LiU accounts, such as blocking of dangerous links in emails and searching for viruses in email attachments.

Female student in a classroom.

Increase the status of your education!

Evaluate your course at the Student Portal (link to the Student Portal). You can also find results from previous course evaluations, even courses you did not take yourself.

The union building Kårallen seen from a distance. A tree with autumn leaves over the building.

Student union buildings open in distance mode

The five student union buildings will remain closed for evening activities throughout January and February. Three of them, however, Ryds Herrgård, Kollektivet and Trappan, are open for study during the day, and a new catering service is starting.

Working from home - a laptop and a cat looking out of the window.

LiU to continue working from home until 28 March

In accordance with the extended national restrictions that the government presented on 21 January, LiU continues to encourage its students and co-workers to work from home. The decision from the government is initially valid until 7 February, but LiU has previous made a decision that all unnecessary presence on LiU premises is to be avoided. This decision is now valid until 28 March.

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