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Student news

Registration for the spring semester 2021

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty and remember that the sooner you register the better. If you are studying a single subject course you can register the day after the course has started.

Hand holding a smartphone where you can see a reminder of an examination in the LiU app.

App with reminders for new exam rules

It is now always necessary to register in advance to take a written exam in an exam hall. New functions in the LiU app and on the student portal can remind you about this.

The student Julia Lövström testing the robot.

Programming their future colleague

What can an engineering career involve? First-year master’s students of applied physics and electrical engineering are gaining experience through their first development project – programming the Yumi collaborative robot from ABB.

Studenthuset, winter and sunny.

LiU and the new pandemic legislation

New legislation came into force on 10 January, which regulates, among other things, how many people may be present on premises at the same time. Operations at LiU come under the new law only to a small degree: we have concluded that the measures previously introduced are still valid and are not affected by the new law.

Planned technical maintenance for exam registration

On Monday January 18th from 13:00 to 17:00 there is a stop for planned technical maintenance for exam registration. This means that the service cannot be used in either the Student Portal or the LiU app.

Lecture in a large lecture hall. Female student listening.

Was the course a success?

You may have the course evaluations from previous students to thank for that! Evaluate your course at the Student Portal. (The link above to the Student Portal)
You can also find results from all previous course evaluations, even courses you did not take yourself.

Orange cables.

Increased risk of IT disturbance

Decontamination of a technical space that was damaged during drilling will start on Monday 2021-01-11, and is expected to continue for at least two days. While the decontamination effort is ongoing LiU will not have uninterruptible power to its main data center. This means that even a short power outage during this period may lead to significant problems with all IT systems at LiU.

 of the earth with a yellow ribbon around and lilac background.

Create a game from scratch within only 48 hours

Global Game Jam, January 29-31, is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together and create games; both computer games and board games. At this game jam there is a 48 hours time limit and a randomized theme for inspiration.

Sandra Knopik and Jamila Zeynalzade standing in front of Studenthuset.

Career support programme offers an opportunity for an ever-growing Swedish job-market

Linköping University's pilot-project career support programme has finished for 31 international second-year programme and PhD students, with great results.

A row of empty chairs.

LiU tightens Corona restrictions

Under LIU’s new restrictions, the university’s libraries will be closed for independent study. Co-workers are to continue to work from home. Exams will be digital, except when it is absolutely necessary that they are held in an examination hall.

Symbols customer survey

Questionnaire surveys to be postponed

As a consequence of the ongoing pandemic, LiU has decided to postpone the questionnaire surveys for both students and doctoral students originally planned for 2021. They will now be held in the spring of 2022.

International programme students Sandra Knopik and Jamila Zeynalzade,

Career support programme for Swedish job-market

Linköping University's pilot-project career support programme has finished for 31 international second-year programme and PhD students, with great results.

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, vice-chancellor at Linköping University

A Christmas greeting from the vice-chancellor

A different year in which we have learnt a great deal. This is how Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, vice-chancellor at Linköping University, summarises 2020, the year of the pandemic. We will face new challenges next year, including a major initiative in LiU’s strategy.

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