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Student news

Registration for the spring semester 2021

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Here you can find from which date registration is available for your faculty, and remember that the sooner you register the better.

An illustration of the Earth with the text GGJ Online.

Build a game within 48 hours

A game jam is an event where programmers, creators and gamers come together to create games; both computer games and board games.

A white board with the heading "Synpunkter" (in Swedish)

What do students think about the library service Meröppet?

In November the university started to offer self-service opening hours, Meröppet in Swedish, to the libraries ad Campus Norrköping and Campus US, which mean that the libraries are open outside of ordinary openings hours even when the library is un-staffed. The university library staff recently did some research what students in Norrköping think about the new service.

A pick up car surrounded by different kind of furniture.

Free Transportation Day with LiU Student Secondhand

LiU Student Secondhand wants to help you give furniture a new life! Since it usually is difficult and heavy to carry bigger furniture to the shop in the A building LSSh organize a transportation event 27th February. Last day to sign up is 24th February.

Navitas logo, a green light bulb with a plant inside it.

Do you know a green company?

Navitas Network committee organizes Environmental Award to recognize an innovative & sustainable start-up, company, person and/or activity in Linköping. Nominate your candidates for Environmental Awards 2022.

An examination where you see the persons backs, sitting and writing at the different tables.

In-person exams to continue despite pandemic

The Swedish government has encouraged higher education institutions to be “generous” with the number of opportunities students have to sit exams. The government has also encouraged universities to review how best to reduce COVID-19 infection rates among students. Linköping University (LiU), which has both increased exam-sitting opportunities and introduced stricter infection control measures (most recently in December), believes that it already meets the government’s requirements.

A boy and a girl sitting at a table studying together.

Was the course a success?

You may have the course evaluations from previous students to thank for that! Evaluate your course in the Student Portal. The more who answer, the better the possibility of improving the course.

An empty group room with a display outside.

Room booking for student associations restricted to evenings and weekends

Student associations and sections are only allowed to book a room Mon-Fri 05-10 PM and Sat-Sun 07 AM-10 PM. The restriction primarily applies between 12 January-31 January. At present, a maximum of 20 people is allowed in one room.

Click "startpage Beta" and get the Student Portal in Lisam

Now you can find registration, course application, exam registration, exam statistics, study results, course evaluation, study breaks and degree certificates in Lisam. Click startpage Beta and feel free to leave your comments in the feedback form.

An empty campus (Campus Valla).

Exams and most teaching to remain on-campus

The Swedish government has announced new measures to reduce the increasing rate of COVID-19 transmission. These measures includes avoiding crowding and large gatherings. As before, on-campus learning is the default for Swedish higher education institutions. Distance learning is, however, to be used with groups larger than 75, in order to reduce crowding indoors.

Christmas decorations, an angel of paper made with sheet music.

Dreaming of a sustainable Christmas?

Global warming is at acute levels, and human activity is the cause of climate change, according to the UN’s latest climate report. At the same time, Christmas shopping is expected to break new records every year, with more and more presents and overflowing Christmas buffets. How can celebrating Christmas become more climate friendly? Here are some tips from Hugo Guyader, researcher in business administration and sustainable consumption, and from the student club Navitas.

Logo "Campus skramlar".

LiU students pull together for Music Aid

From 13 to 19 December, Musikhjälpen, or Music Aid, will be under way in Norrköping – and LiU students are getting involved. Campus Skramlar (Campus Collects) is helping to promote all the events, and the students holding the collection boxes will get to hang out in the glass studio at Gamla torget – a square in central Norrköping.

Winter at Campus Valla, a few persons walking or bicycling.

Increased vigilance but few new restrictions

Today, the Swedish government has activated the first step of its action plan for handling increased COVID-19 infection rates. Linköping University has, therefore, increased its preparedness, and encourages everybody to practise social distancing, stay at home when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and – most importantly of all – get vaccinated.

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