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Glada LiU-studenter.

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Student news

Changed opening hours

November 5th-January 21th the Student Service Desk in Zenit och Kåkenhus have limited access: Zenit: 12-15.30 am, Kåkenhus: 12-15 am. Telephone: 10-11.30 fm & 13-15 am, e-mail: central.studexp@liu.se.

Start page the new library web

Library migrating to liu.se

If you type liu.se/library into the address field of a web browser after 23 October, you will be greeted by the new library appearance. The new library webpages will open on that date, as an integrated part of liu.se.

While stocks last!

T-shirts, beanies, bags and mugs. We’re clearing our stock and selling loads of LiU merchandise at reduced prices. The reductions are valid until 31 December 2018, or while stocks last.

LiU library; Additional hours during October

Valla Library and Campus Norrköping Library are open during two Sundays this semester: 21st and 28th of October.

The 2018 Alumni of the Year, Rebecka Le Moine and Eva Uustal.

2018 Alumni of the Year speak at LiU

The 2018 Alumni of the Year, Rebecka Le Moine and Eva Uustal, received their awards on 11 October at Campus Valla. Both spoke of how they have fought to raise awareness of important issues – biodiversity and birth injuries respectively – in order to make change possible.

HG-logo mot grön bakgrund.

HG Popup Premiere!

While Ryd's Herrgård, HG, is being renovated, Kårservice opens HG Popup at Vallastaden 15th October, Nobeltorget 5, Mon-Fri at 9-5. Café, lunch, free coffee and a place to study. Welcome!

Byggnaden Strykjärnet i Norrköping som speglar sig i Motala ström.

Scholarships for students, PhD-students and young researchers at LiU Norrköping

Students, PhD-students and young researchers at LiU Norrköping now can seek funds from Norrköping Municipality, Östergötland County Council, LFV and others. Your application should be sent November 9, 2018 at the latest.

The "Märkesbacken" with the text "Evaliuate".

Service interruption in Evaliuate

If you haven't received email for the course evaluation after the course has concluded, check the folders for "Övrigt" and "Spam/Skräppost". If the missing email is not in these folders, contact Evaliuate support (evaliuate@liu.se) and specify your name, student ID and the name and code of the course you have taken.

Police barrier at Corson

The exercise is over

The day after the large police exercise at Campus Valla, everything looks normal. Nothing can be seen of the barriers, explosions, task force personnel or extras.

Police exercise at Campus Valla this Thursday

The Swedish Police has selected Campus Valla as the place for a large exercise on 4 October. It will not be possible to access parts of Campus Valla while the exercise is in progress.

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