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Registration for the autumn semester 2022

Don't forget that you need to register for your courses. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty and remember that the sooner you register the better.

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Timetable for the 2022 autumn semester

The timetable for the 2022 autumn semester is now published online.

Aisha Rahman and Tilde Krusberg on the boat just outside of Char Kukri Mukri, taking samples.

Field studies led to deep dive in mangrove forest

With the Indian Ocean on one side, and mangrove forest on the other, they travelled by motorboat along the Bay of Bengal. A trip that’s resulted in several soil and water samples, rich interview material, and, not least of all, a deep dive on the topic of how valuable the forest is, and how it both protects against and is threatened by climate change.

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Increase the status of your education!

Evaluate your course at the Student Portal. The more who answer, the better the possibility of improving the course.

The Campus bus in light green.

Summer break for the Campus bus

The Campus bus will be suspended for the summer, with effect from 11 June. Services will resume on 15 August.

Illustration of acount details fished out from a laptop with a hook.

Activate two-step verification on your LiU account

It is easy to fall for phishing and accidentally reveal your account details. Two-step verification increases security and reduces the risk of someone else abusing your account.

Mentorship programme, John-Åke Svensson and Najmeh Delavari

Mentorship programme to increase networking opportunities

Six international doctoral and programme students and seven Rotary mentors met for the first time on 28 April to kick-start a new mentorship programme. The LiU International Office is responsible for the mentorship programme, but the organiser is Rotary.

Interior from Studenthuset, Campus Valla.

War, peace, understanding – a meeting place for everyone on campus

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affects all of us. How can research perspectives help us understand, deal with and perhaps act in relation to what is going on? Every Wednesday at 12:15 in the Lövverket space in Studenthuset at Campus Valla, you can listen to a range of voices on the theme “war, peace, understanding”.

A boy and a girl sitting at a table doing homework.

Was the course a success?

You may have the course evaluations from previous students to thank for that! Evaluate your course in Lisam. The more who answer, the better the possibility of improving the course.

Silhouettes of people in different colours

New study on sexual harassment

For the first time, Swedish higher education institutions have conducted a joint national survey on the prevalence of gender-based and sexual harassment in the academic sector. The responses from a total of almost 39,000 employees and students show that young people, women and students (including doctoral students) are particularly at risk.

Bicycles infront of the C-building

LinCon to take place again

The games convention LinCon is returning to Campus Valla for its traditional run during Ascension weekend. Therefore, C Building is inaccessible for both work and study between 26 and 29 May.

Spring Game Jam 2022

Spring Game Jam 2022

Build a game within 48 hours, 20 - 22 May. A game jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together to create games; both computer games and board games. At our game jam there is a 48 hours time limit and a randomized theme for inspiration.

Ambassador talks

Ambassadors talk on “the New Challenges for the European Union”

What Europe is for you as a LiU student? What is the role that higher education and research in the EU can and should have? What are you thoughts about the notion of European identity? Welcome to presentations and discussions on “the New Challenge of the European Union” with the ambassador of France, and the ambassador of Germany and Head of European commissions in Sweden. May 11th, Studenthuset, Campus Valla.

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