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Student news

Registration for the autumn semester 2019

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Here you can find when registration is available for your Faculty. The registration period lasts three weeks, but the sooner you register the better.

Herrgårn exterior.

Newly renovated Herrgårn reopens

After ten months of sensitive renovation, Herrgårn could at last reopen, and the imposing main entrance again be taken into use. A building steeped in tradition, now adapted to the wishes and needs of today’s students.

Refurbished chair in Studenthuset.

Old furniture gets new life in Studenthuset

Sustainability and good environmental practices have been guiding principles for Studenthuset since it was in the conceptual phase. Close to 1,500 pieces of furniture have got a new design and a new life in Studenthuset.

Chess pieces in the shape of leaves.

”Lönnspringare” take shape

A portion of the floor space on level 3 of Studenthuset is made up of a large chessboard. The chess pieces have been designed and built over the summer by two LiU students. They call their concept Lönnspringare.

The new Campusbus, striped in LiU blue.

New Campus Bus - same timetable

Starting from the autumn term 2019, the Campus bus will be operated by Connect Bus, and the collaboration with Östgötatrafiken will end.
The new company will take over on Monday 19 August.

The new LiU Card.

New LiU Card from August

A new LiU Card will be introduced on 1 August. The card follows the LiU graphic profile but lacks visible personal data, since the information is stored in digital form. It is not necessary to exchange existing LiU cards for new ones.

Studenthuset, exterior.

Opening soon!

LiU will celebrate the opening of Studenthuset with a full festival week, starting on 30 August and ending with the Kalas event at Campus Valla on 5 September. The programme for an unforgettable week has now been published.

Sheet music.

United by music

Music-based activities at Linköping University include both choirs and orchestras, and offer great opportunities for visiting students and staff. Swedish friends, a sense of community, and – in the best of cases – true love. Music can even lead to a new life in Sweden.

Three girls at NärCon. Photo: Emma Andersson.

NärCon – What’s happening

NärCon Sommar is the largest Cosplay festival in the Nordic region. The convention has grown from year to year. This year an estimated 10,000 visitors will participate when the convention takes over Campus Valla, 25-28 July.

Caspar Reuterswärd, student on the Master´s Programme in Design.

First master’s graduates in sustainable design

The first year-group from the international master’s programme in design has graduated. “It suited me perfectly that the programme was new and a bit disorganised. The courses were great, and I’ve benefited from everything in the master’s programme”, Caspar Reuterswärd assures us.

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