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Student news

Registration for the spring semester 2019

You need to register for your courses in the beginning of each semester. Registration opens on January 21 and lasts three weeks. The sooner you register the better. If you are studying a single subject course you can register the day after the course has started.
NB! If you intend to take a course again you need to re-register for the course. If you only intend to participate in an examination you do not need to re-register. Please note that re-registration only is possible if you have announced your coming back in advance and thus have a place guaranteed.

Bicycles covered with snow.

The LiU year in review

The peace of Christmas finally descended onto LiU. It’s time for a pictorial review of some of the events during the LiU year, 2018.

Poster - Design4Repair


The students taking the master’s programme in design have spent their first term working with the topic of repair. They are now presenting their work in the Design4Repair exhibition.

Illustration of phishing

Blackmail by email yet again

Similar to earlier this autumn, students and LiU co-workers have yet again received blackmail by email. The Incident Response Team at LiU want to warn everyone to be careful.

Standard printer

New payment solution for printouts 1 January

Pay for printouts with DIBS, the new payment solution from 1 January. DIBS replaces PayEx.

Standard printer.

Transfer remaining money from PayEx

DIBS will replace PayEx as payment solution for printouts at LiU starting 1 January. Remember to transfer remaining money back to your bank account on 31 January at the latest. Guides on how to create an account at DIBS and how to connect this to eduPrint will be published on the pages about printing and copying.

Händer, bärbar dator och mobil

The Student portal is open!

The Student portal has moved in to Lisam and the implementation of a new student registry, Ladok, is complete. In the Student portal you can, as before, do much of the administration needed for your studies. You can register for courses and exams, see your study results, choose courses, order transcripts and much more.

The Student Building.

A study visit to the Student Building

Are you wondering what’s happening inside the Student Building? What are they working on at the moment? Follow a filmed study visit, and get an idea of what it will look like.

Three students at the CDIO course in front of a laptop.

Pioneers in structured common sense

“Structured common sense”. That is how professor Svante Gunnarsson summarises CDIO. Developed by LiU and other universities in the early 2000s, CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) is the framework for an updated engineering programme that is currently used at universities worldwide. And now, LiU is first to implement CDIO in medical education.

A woman and a man on the course discussing.

“Lecturing – so inefficient”

Lectures in the Linköping University course in evolution have given way to active work in small groups. Future biologists and students planning to become upper secondary teachers study together. And the way the course is organised gives excellent opportunities for the latter to test out their future professional role.

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