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Student news

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Help and support when you need it

This collection of links will help you if you have any questions, need IT support, or want to contact Student Health.

Röd grafisk syltburk med text LiU Game Jam.

Challenge yourself to create a game from scratch within only 48 hours!

A Game Jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together and create games; both computer games and board games. The jam takes place from 7th May 5.30 PM to 9th May 7 PM. During this time the participants create games from scratch to prototype about a randomized theme.

Logo Linköping Student Secondhand.

Free Transportation Day with LiU Student Secondhand

LiU Student Secondhand wants to help you give furniture a new life! Since it usually is difficult and heavy to carry bigger furniture to the shop in the A building LSSh organize a transportation event 24 April. Last day to sign up is 21 April.

Logo for the podcast Fika with us, a light blue color with a cup of coffee.

"Fika with us" - international studies at LiU

The podcast "Fika with us" - corridor life, dealing with the pandemic while studying, ensuring your academic writing is your own, be your own cook and more.

Illustration of a person using a desktop computer.

Inactive accounts to be closed

In April, inactive student accounts (LiU IDs) will start to be closed or have their access limited if there is no activity on them. When an event (such as admission, registration or the recording of a result) occurs, and is reported to the Ladok student registry, it causes you to be considered as an active student.

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Increase the status of your education!

Evaluate your course at the Student Portal (link to the Student Portal). You can also find results from previous course evaluations, even courses you did not take yourself.

The rear part of the Campus bus.

Maintenance work affects the Campus bus

Maintenance work on Nygatan in Norrköping means that the Väster Tull bus stop will not be serviced during the period 29 March-11 December. Passengers should use the temporary bus stop on Södra Promenaden, by the roundabout.

Four students in a corridor.

Studying going OK – social life not so much

Most LiU students says that studying during the pandemic works well or very well. But contact with the teachers is poorer, and the students’ social life has been hit hard. These are the conclusions of a survey at LiU.

Portrait of Anders Tegnell.

HURS 2021

Welcome to HURS 2021, a yearly symposium arranged by DOMFIL, the post-grad section within Consensus. HURS is a digital event, open for everyone. This year, Anders Tegnell is one of the keynote speakers.

Snowdrops, green background.

Act responsibly as spring arrives

Spring has arrived, a time when student life gains new momentum with a lot of parties. There is a great risk that the spread of infection will increase if LiU students fail to follow the recommendations of official bodies – meet a limited circle of friends, visit as few places as possible, and keep at a safe distance from others.

Illustration of person sitting in front of a desktop computer.

Lisam improvements: modern and intuitive

Lisam is being improved and developed after funds for the work have become available. The goal is to make the system more user-friendly, and several small improvements have already been implemented.

Lecture in a large lecture hall. Female student listening.

Was the course a success?

You may have the course evaluations from previous students to thank for that! Evaluate your course at the Student Portal. (The link above to the Student Portal)
You can also find results from all previous course evaluations, even courses you did not take yourself.

Clara Johansson on a chest of drawers with cleaning items.

Tidy up: Feel better

During the corona pandemic, we have had to get used to spending a lot of time within the four walls of home. Many people work from home and are seldom able to go out in the evenings and at weekends. But do we feel comfortable in our homes? Meet social worker and LiU alumna Clara Johansson, who changed life in midstream and became tidying coach.

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