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Academic Degrees

Linköping University issues digital degree certificates. The original PDF-file is filed at the university, and a copy is sent to the student by e-mail. The certificate contains digital signatures, to verify that it is an authentic document issued by Linköping University. This will enable students to send a proper certificate by e-mail or through online application services. The signature shows that your degree is a true and correct copy of the original. The signature services that Linköping University use are time limited. This means that even though the copy of the degree certificate is valid, the signature will become invalid after some time. You can contact the Office of Degree Administration for a new signature if needed.

How do I apply for a Degree Certificate or a Course Certificate?

  • By electronic application in Lisam.
  • By electronic application in Ladok.
  • Use the contact form if you are unable to submit an electronic application

The application processing will not commence until the file is completed with all final grades and title of your degree paper. Please make sure that LiU has correct information about your name and Student identification number. After issuing the certificate no personal data can be changed. If you have received or are in the process of getting a Swedish personal identity number from Skatteverket you must change that in Ladok before applying. You do this by following the information at Change personal identity number: Rules: LiU students: Linköping University.

Our aim is that it should not take longer than three months to get a diploma if the application is complete. During the summer and fall it can take longer due to an extra workload. Some groups are prioritized, according to the decision Prioriteringsordning vid utfärdande av examensbevis. If you want to apply for a placement in prioritization group 6 (other students that can provide documentation and special reasons to need a prioritized application, such as their pending application with the Swedish Migration Agency for permanent visas, or students who have applied for continued studies) use this form at the Serviceweb.

The degree certificate will be issued in Swedish and English. A Diploma Supplement is enclosed to the Degree Certificate, describing the course or programme and defining its academic level in the educational system. A Diploma Supplement is intended to help define and evaluate a Swedish degree when employment or continued education is sought in Sweden and abroad. The supplement will be issued in English and follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.

The certificate is sent to the e-mail address you have registered in Ladok.

Share degree certificate

When you have a degree issued at a Linköping University you can share information about your degree with any recipient (e.g. an employer). Sharing is done by retrieving a control code and communicating it to a recipient, who can use the code to access information about your degree and its content. The same code can be used several times and for several recipients.

You share your degree by:

  • Logging in to Ladok, then go to ”Degrees and certificates”
  • Selecting ”Share certificate”
  • Sharing the retrieved control code with any recipient

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