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Academic Degrees

The following information is for students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences find their degree information at the Student Affairs Office.

To the Student Affairs Office (for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

How do I apply for a Degree Certificate?

  • By electronic application in the Student Portal - will close on September 30 and open again in the middle of December

Important information

During the autumn semester 2018 LiU will change the system for handling study documentation. As a result, we must close the application in the Student Portal on October 1. The electronic application will open again in December. In the meantime you can apply by application form. To do so, contact The Office of Degree Administration.

When will I receive my Degree Certificate?

It takes between eight and twelve weeks to complete the formalities and issue the certificate. During June, July, August and December the processing time is extended. You can avoid delays by submitting correct data on the official forms. Please double-check the accuracy of all data on your file transcript, especially the title of your degree paper. Remember, the application processing will not commence until the file is completed with all final grades and title of your degree paper.

The degree certificate will be issued in Swedish and English. It is important that the project title is translated to English. The degree certificate is free of charge.

A Diploma Supplement is enclosed to the Degree Certificate, describing the course or programme and defining its academic level in the educational system. A Diploma Supplement is intended to help define and evaluate a Swedish degree when employment or continued education is sought in Sweden and abroad. The supplement will be issued in English and follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.

How will I receive my Degree Certificate?

Your Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement will be sent to you by registered mail to the address you wrote on the application form. You will then receive a dispatch note or a text message and must pick up the envelope at the designated delivery within a certain time (14 days in Sweden).

Temporary Certificate

If you are applying for residence permit after completing your studies, you can get a temporary certificate when you apply for your degree. You can send the temporary certificate to the Migration board to verify you have completed your studies before you receive the actual degree certificate.



Contact the office of degree administration

E-mail: examen@liu.se

Telephone: +46 13 28 10 00 (vx)


Visiting Address

Campus Valla
Terra building, entrance 37

Campus Norrköping


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  • Due to a change of system we must close the degree application in the Student Portal on October 1
  • The electronic application will re-open in December

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