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Campus Bus


With the Campus bus - Östgötatrafikens bus line 73 – student ride for free with valid LiU card. The bus runs between Campus Norrköping, Campus US and Campus Valla in Linköping.

You need to have a valid LiU card with an updated expiration date. If you ride with a temporary card, you must present photo identification. Always register the card in the LiU card reader when boarding the bus.

If you do not have a valid LiU card, for example, at the beginning of the semester, you have to pay for the trip. You can buy tickets on the bus with your credit card, but that is more expensive than “Reskassa” purchased through Östgötatrafikens website or agents.


Employees may only use the Campus bus for job related travels, not for travelling to and from work.

A valid LiU-card, or a temporary bus card, is required to travel with the Campus bus. Tickets for private travel can be purchased through Östgötatrafikens agents or with credit card on the bus.

Temporary tickets for occasional visitors at Campus are administered by the department and are available at the Car Rental Office, Building A, Campus Valla. The department is charged for the trip afterwards.

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