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Here is a checklist of what you need to do before going home. It is important that you follow these steps carefully in order to have a smooth transfer back to your home University.


1. Make sure you are registered for all courses

Please make sure you are actually registered for all courses you have taken here at LiU, or all your grades will not be reported. You register in the Student Portal. For questions regarding your registration please call +46 13 282000, visit the Student Service Desk in Zenit or Kåkenhus, or write an e-mail to: central.studexp@liu.se


2. Order your Transcript of Record

Your Transcript of Records will not be sent to your home university automatically. You have to order it via the Student Portal, and send it to your home university yourself. First check that all your grades are reported. After that choose one of the following options listed below (Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences contact Anna Sandelin or Sabina Kinywa):

a. Transcript of Records

This is a transcript on paper with signature and stamp. In the Student Portal you click on “Student services” and then “Transcripts”. Make sure you choose option no. 4, "List of qualifications in English". Before you order your transcript you state your address. You will receive a stamped and signed Transcript of Records within two weeks.

b. On-line verifiable Transcript of Records

To get your transcript of records as pdf-file you go to the Student Portal click in “Student services” and then “Verifiable transcripts”. The authenticity of this printout is verifiable on-line. Check that your home university accept an electronically verifiable transcript.

c. Printout of your Transcript of Records

The Student Service Desk in Zenit, Valla, and Kåkenhus, Norrköping, can provide you with a printed and stamped transcript of records immediately. If you are still waiting for grades to be reported when you leave Sweden, you use methods a. or b. to get your transcript of records. Notice that your log-in to the Student Portal will expire a few months after you have finished your studies at LiU. For questions regarding the transcript please call +46 13 282000, or write an e-mail to: central.studexp@liu.se


3. Check that all your documents are correctly signed

Different universities require different documents. If you are unsure what documents you need please check with your home university. All study related documents must be signed by your Faculty coordinator. Students at Campus Valla are welcome to visit the Student's Service Desk in Zenit during reception hours. Students at Campus Norrköping can hand in their documents to the International Office in Kåkenhus, room 2342, during office hours.


4. Return the keys and check out from your LiU Accommodation

If you had accommodation through LiU please make sure to follow the steps for moving out of your room.




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Last updated: 2018-02-09