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Faculty of Science and Engineering


As International Coordinators, we can help you with all your academic questions, such as questions about courses, your study plan, the signing of documents, course changes, information about project work, and extending your stay. 

Due to measures taken by Linköping University to control the COVID-19 situation, university staff is requested to work from home as much as possible. In light of this, the student reception in the Studenthuset on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as our time in Norrköping on Wednesdays, is cancelled until further notice. 

We are available Mondays-Fridays between 8.00 and 16.30 via phone, and of course via e-mail (incoming@lith.liu.se).

We will try to answer your calls if possible and your e-mails as soon as we can. If you still have the need to meet us in person, please contact us via e-mail and we will try to arrange an (online) meeting. 

Kind regards,


Claudia Schmid, Åsa Olsson and Emma L Bengtsson 
Your International Coordinators


For Erasmus students: Learning Agreement & Changes to Learning Agreement

Your home university should provide you with a Learning Agreement (LA) template.

You can hand in your Learning Agreement via e-mail or in the black postbox outside of D-building. We will then process your LA and if everything is in order, you can get your LA back, signed and stamped. If you make changes to your study plan and your LA during the semester, we will check and sign the section called Changes to Original Learning Agreement (or During Mobility).

Please fill in as much information as possible in the document template before handing in your document. This will facilitate the processing of documents and you will be able to get back to you much faster.

Here is some information you might need to fill in your Learning Agreement: 

  • Address
    Linköping University
    Dean´s Office, Faculty of Science and Engineering
    Att: LiTH International
    581 83 Linköping, Sweden
  • Contact persons/Departmental coordinators
    Claudia Schmid, Åsa Olsson and Emma L Bengtsson
  • E-mail address
  • Phone numbers
    +46 13 28 46 14 (Claudia Schmid)
    +46 13 28 10 15 (Åsa Olsson)

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can sign your Learning Agreements before your arrival at LiU. The signing of Learning Agreements is usually done after arrival and after the day of the Orientation Programme.


All Students: Other documents

If you need signatures on a document from your home university, e.g. Certificate of Arrival/Attendance/Departure, you are welcome to send in your document via e-mail. We will sign it and send a scanned copy back to you. If you need the original document, we can send it to you or your home univeristy by post.

If you are unsure which documents you need to get signed and stamped, please consult with your home university. It is their requirements that should guide you.

Changing (adding/dropping) a course

Please note that course changes should only be made in exceptional cases, at LiU "add and drop" periods do not exist.    
In case you wish to change a course you must check available courses in English for exchange students in the current course catalogue at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Please note that adding a course is only possible if you meet the prerequesities which have been specified in the course syllabuses and if there are available places left.

In order to add or delete courses you should visit the Change of Courses website.

  • How to add a course:
    You select the department (e.g. IDA, MAI, ISY) where the course is given and the responsible study director. In the course syllabus/information you find the name of the responsible department and study director (indicated on the bottom of the page).
  • How to delete a course: You select Cancellation of Course.
    You follow the instructions and submit your course request.

Please note: A permission from the study director of the course will not guarantee that you are admitted to the course. Your prerequisites for the course will be checked by our experts in the Dean's office, Faculty of Science and Engineering. If you have been accepted for the course, it will appear in Studentportalen. We will contact you if you are not admitted to the course.

Course Selection for students admitted for the whole academic year

We will inform current exchange students staying for a whole year by e-mail how to submit requests for courses for the next semester. This is managed digitally.


Add a course from another faculty

You may be allowed to take 1 course (7.5 ECTS) from another faculty at LiU. You must however make sure that there are no time table collisions with the courses you are taking at the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the required prerequisities must be met. However, please note that this is possible only in a few cases. Due to different schedule systems between the faculties, it is in practice difficult to arrange. If you want to take a course in another faculty, you need to check the schedules of all concerned courses during that time period, and send this overview to us with your request. We will only be able to forward this request to another facultiy if it is clear that there are no significant overlaps in the schedules.

Please do not contact the other faculties or departments directly, if so your request will be immediately rejected.



It is important to remember to register for your courses in Studentportalen as soon as the course starts. Otherwise your results from the exam and other course activities will not be reported in our system and it will not be listed in your Transcript of Records from LiU. You should also remember to register for exams in Studentportalen at least 10 days before the exam.


The schedules for all courses can be found online, on the platform Time Edit. The schedule should be available at least two weeks before the start of the course. If you cannot find it, please contact the teacher of the course.

For students from other faculties

Students from other faculties at LiU who wish to take one course (7.5 ECTS) at the Faculty of Science and Engineering should check that they fulfill the prerequisites for the course and ensure that there are no schedule overlaps. Then they should contact their respective faculty coordinators who will forward your request to the Faculty of Science and Engineering for further consideration. You will be notified about the decision as soon as possible.


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Last updated: 2020-11-30