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What to think about before moving out


Keys: You must return the keys to the Info Centre in Studenthuset according to your housing contract. If the 1st is a Saturday or Sunday, you should return them at the latest the first weekday after this day at 12.00 noon. If we receive the keys later than this time and date, we have to change the lock on your door. You will be charged for the cost of changing the lock and dependning on the type of lock, the cost is c. 4000 SEK (Heimstaden) and c. 2000 SEK (Studentbostäder). We need to know as soon as possible if you have lost a key, in order to have time to change the lock before you move out.

If the Info Centre in Studenthuset is closed when you come to return the keys, we have a post box installed on the left side of the glass door to entrance 31 at D-building (opposite to Pressbyrån). You can reach this post box 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just put the keys in an envelope and leave them in the box. It is ok to ask a friend to leave us the keys but remember to inform them about the exact place and when the keys should be left. It is your responsibility that we receive them back in due time. Do not give the keys to Studentbostäder or Heimstaden! Your room is rented by the University so the keys have to be returned to us.


Other important tasks:

  • Make sure that you do the cleaning that needs to be done, depending on what accommodation you have (check the section about cleaning for more information). If cleaning is not included in your contract, and you leave your apartment without doing the final cleaning, you will get an invoice from Studentbostäder via e-mail. Contact us if you have questions about it housing@liu.se. 
  • Do not leave any belongings or extra furniture in the room, or you will be charged for transporting it away. Throw away all other belongings from you or the former tenant. It is only ok to leave a router, network cable, clean pillow or a blanket.
  • The door to your student accommodation must be locked when you leave it.
  • If you paid the rent automatically on internet, or from your bank, make sure to cancel it.
  • Do not throw away the bill for the coming month. Leave it in the post box for the next tenant.
  • If you have a parking space, cancel it with Studentbostäder or Heimstaden; info@studentbostader.se; linkoping@heimstaden.com.
  • Before you move out, it is important that you cancel your internet contract with Utsikt, otherwise the next tenant will be able to use the internet in your name. Phone 0771-504 050 or send them an e-mail at student@utsikt.se



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Last updated: 2020-04-17