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How to pay the rent - Studentbostäder

Regardless of arrival date, you have to pay full rent from the start date of your housing contract. The invoice can be found in the post box belonging to the room. You have 48 hours to pay the rent once you have picked up the keys. The invoice is not addressed to your name, but to “Tenant International Office”. Please check that the address and the payment period is correct before you pay it. If the former tenant has thrown the invoice for your first month, please let us know and we will arrange a new one for you.


Every month around the 17th, you will get a new invoice for the coming month. It must be paid before the end of the month and we recommend you to do the transaction before the 25th. So for e.g. September, the bill should be paid latest August 25th. Since all students arrive on different dates and it is not possible for them to pay the rent before they arrive, we have an agreement with Studentbostäder that payment of the rent can be done within 48 hours after picking up the keys. However, if you arrive after the 25th, please inform housing@liu.se and we will send you the invoices for the present and coming month via e-mail. Both must be paid before the end of the first month.


Pay your invoice in Sweden: If you want to pay the rent from Sweden but don't have a Swedish bank account, you can visit the tobacco shop in Ryd Center called “Direkten”. If you do so, the landlord will get the money within two business days. Bring the invoice and your passport (or international id-card if you are from a country within Europe) to the tobacco shop. They have an ATM-machine in the same centre but you can also pay with Visa or Master card. If you pay one rent, they charge you approximately 75 SEK.  Most international students pay the rent this way every month. If you prefer to pay the rent for several months at the same time, just ask the tobacco shop how to change the amount on the invoice. 


It is of course also possible to pay the rent at a bank in Linköping city. Unfortunately, the banks take a fee up to 150 SEK for paying one bill. Therefore we recommend you to pay at the tobacco shop "Direkten" in Ryd Center or at Forex at Storgatan 32 in the city. If you need to pay bills for more than 10.000 SEK per 24 days you need to go to Forex. It is not possible at the tobacco shop in Ryd. 


International transaction from your home country: It is ok to make the transaction each month from a bank in your home country but if you do, make sure to pay the bill one week before last day for payment. If you pay in another currency than SEK, make sure to pay enough and also note that many banks take a fee for transferring the money to another country. Avoid using TransferWise or Revolut as it has caused us a lot of trouble with the receiving of their transactions. If you insist to use them, be sure to state the rental invoice's OCR number in the message to Studentbostäder. Write only figures there, not the letters OCR before, nothing else, not even your name. The reason why, is that they only forward a few of the last characters to the recipient and unfortunately sometimes Studentbostäder can not see who the sender is.



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Last updated: 2020-10-27