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Corridor room or pentry room  

You need to clean your room regularly yourself. The final cleaning is included in your rent if your room is “normal” unclean which means that it should be cleaned regularly by you during your stay. You should not leave any belongings in the room, because you will be charged for transporting it away. Throw away all other belongings from you or the former tenant. It's only ok to leave a router, network cable, clean pillow or a blanket.

For tenants living in a corridor room, there are no cleaning products included in the rent. However, in most corridors you can find a vacuum cleaner and a mop. If it is missing, contact your area manager and discuss if it is possible for them to obtain it.


Student apartment with a kitchenette (1 rok)

For our tenants living in a student apartment with a kitchenette (1 room and a kitchenette) the final cleaning is not included. Instead a cleaning firm will come a specific date in January and a specific day in June (twice a year) to clean your kitchen and bathroom. In between you need to clean all other areas yourself. Before moving out of the apartment it must be thoroughly cleaned. Please note: If there are any complaints about your cleaning you will be charged for the additional costs. Follow the steps presented under Cleaning tips


How to clean the kitchen 

How to clean the bathroom


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