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Computer labs - Linux

There are 20 computer labs on campus where you can use Linux. The computer labs are used for scheduled teaching, but many are free to use even for self-study. I the computer rooms use the Linux distributions Ubuntu and CentOS.


All students can log into the computer rooms with the usual LiU ID and password. If you, as a new student, fail to log in, it may be because you have not registered for any course yet.

Rules and help in the computer lab

  • No food or drink in the computer lab.
  • Always lock the computer!
    It takes up to 75 minutes until you are logged out when leaving the computer locked. Temporarily leaving the computer unlocked enables others to use your account. If they perform illegal actions you are the one that is held responsible. They are also able to delete your files when you are logged in.
  • Printouts left behind in the computer lab will be removed on a regular basis.
  • Information on where the nearest printer is located is available in every computer lab.
  • Lost and found.

Error report and support

Is the printer e.g. out of toner or paper or are there other issues? Contact the IT Helpdesk:

Campus Valla Linux computer labs

B Building

  • SU00-04, SU10-18, SU24-25 – Ubuntu
  • Egypten, Asgård - Ubuntu
  • Olympen – Ubuntu, dedicated graphics cards
  • Roxen, Hunn – Ubuntu
  • Muxen 1-2 – CentOS (Muxen 3-4 Windows)

You can find a majority of the computer labs using the LiU map (do a search in the location field).

Contact and support

You are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk if you experience IT related problems at LiU and need help.

Regular opening hours:

Monday and Thursday 08:00-20:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00-17:00


Find answers in the KNowledge database

Maybe it's possible that you can solve a problem on your own! See guides with answers to common IT questions and problems.


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