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Computer labs

There are about 80 computer labs spread out on our campuses. They are available to all students. A few computer labs have restricted access due to specific software on the computers.

Please respect the rules for the computer labs. It’s your space; take care of it!

Student technicians are available for service and support in the computer labs. More information about student technicians is available here.

Rules and help in the computer lab

  • No food or drink in the computer lab
  • Always lock the computer
    Keyboard shortcut: Win + L
    It takes up to 75 minutes until you are logged out when leaving the computer locked. Temporarily leaving the computer unlocked enables others to use your account. If they perform illegal actions you are the one that is held responsible. They are also able to delete your files when you are logged in.
  • Printouts left behind in the computer lab will be removed on a regular basis.
  • Information on where the nearest printer is located is available in every computer lab.
  • Lost and found
    • Campus Valla: 
      Info Centre at Studenthuset for smaller items or Facilities support (Post och Husservice) in the A building, entrance 17–19 for bulky items.
    • Campus Norrköping: 
      Goods reception in the Täppan building.
    • Campus US: 
      Info Centre in Växthuset, Building 511, entrance 76.

Error report

Is the printer e.g. out of toner or paper? Fill in the form here.

Using your own computer

Use your own laptop computer to surf the Internet via the university system, whether wireless or wired.

Useful links

IT guidesThe Student PortalWireless networksOperational status for IT systems


Do you need help? Contact Helpdesk

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Last updated: 2019-11-20