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IT security

Report any form of incident, such as intrusions, intrusion attempts, spam, network abuse, and so forth that is associated in any way to Linköping University, regardless of whether the university is affected, or the cause of, the incident. The Incident Response Team (IRT) does not handle issues that have no connection to Linköping University.

Contact information: abuse@liu.se or via phone 013-28 17 44. Please write or speak English (or Swedish) when contacting us.

Responsible use of the university's IT resources

Students are required to follow the rules for using the IT resources at the university and sign an agreement to do so.

Antivirus programs

Antivirus programs have become less important as malware has become better at foiling them, but it is still a good idea to use one.

The IT Division recommends Microsoft’s antivirus program for use on a PC. It doesn’t receive the best rating in tests, but it is best in ensuring that other safety functions in the system are not compromised.

Illustration över mail med dödskalle; bedrägerimail.


Tips for good IT security

Links below lead you to pages written for employees at Linköping University, but many tips are useful for students as well.

IT guidesThe Student PortalWi-FiOperational status


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