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Activate two-step verification on your LiU account

Information for students.

Every day, LiU receives a large number of phishing attempts via email. It is easy to fall for phishing and accidentally reveal your account details. Maybe because you are stressed, don't have time to read the email properly, or because you believe that it comes from somebody else.

If somebody behind a phishing attack gains access to your password, they can log in and access, among other things, your files and emails. Your account may also be used to access other students’ or employees’ passwords. In such a case, your account will need to be suspended in order to hinder misuse. When an account is suspended, you will lose access to, for example, your emails, files on OneDrive, Teams, and the possibility to log into Lisam.

However, there is a simple way to increase the security of your account and to reduce the risk of strangers logging into it: two-step verification. Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security confirming that it really is you trying to log in to your LiU account. You can also deny login attempts that you do not recognise.

Everybody with a student account at LiU can activate two-step verification. The University’s Incident Response Team strongly recommend that you do so.

Note! Two-step verification is for example required to use remote login with ThinLinc, SSH and RDP client.

Illustration of a person who signs in to a LiU service in a browser, and receives a notification in their mobile phone for verification.

How does it work when it’s active?

When you have activated two-step verification and you are off-campus and attempt to log in to our IT services, you will be required to confirm your identity with the aid of an app in your mobile phone.

You will be informed during the log in procedure when you need to confirm your identity. Make sure that notifications are enabled in the verification app, in order to allow it to inform you that you must confirm your identity.

Prevent attempted unauthorised access

Important! If you receive a verification request when you are not yourself in the process of logging in: deny the log in. It may be someone else who is trying to use your account, which you can now prevent using the two-step verification process.

If you choose to deny the log in, you are then asked whether you want to report this event as attempted fraud. If you answer yes, a case is sent to the LiU incident response team.

How to activate

  1. Log in to MinIT, minit.liu.se.
  2. Visit My Accounts. A tab for two-step verification is available there.
  3. Follow the instructions to activate on your LiU account.

Contact and support

You are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk if you experience IT related problems at LiU and need help.

Regular opening hours:

Monday and Thursday 08:00-20:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00-17:00


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