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Printer locations

Printing and copying facilities are located in computer labs and can also be found in libraries and self service locations.

There are printer queues in common called eduPrint-LiU. If you should use this service, the document is not printed out immediately but you receive the print out from any multi-function printer you choose using your LiU card to release it. You don't need to know the name of the copy printer.

Self service locations:

Map of our campuses

Campus Valla

Building Location Floor Printer name
Studenthuset Reading areas (red room) 6 EDP-LiU-V-1-016
Studenthuset Reading areas (red room) 5 EDP-LIU-V-2-214
Studenthuset Reading areas (red room) 4 EDP-LiU-V-1-017
Studenthuset Room 2428. Pass by the Info Centre. Printers are located on the left opposite the resting area 2 (ground floor) EDP-LiU-V-2-026
Studenthuset The Library stacks 1 EDP-LiU-V-2-036
C building Corridor 18 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-015
building Corridor 14 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-016
A building Outside Embassaden/Bifrost 2


B building Franklin B (2C:685) 2 EDP-LiU-V-1-091
B building Midgård (223:207) 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-158

Fysik building

Bardeen (G306) 3

Fysik  building

Bethe (F G202) 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-164
Key building Computer lab K1, room 2149 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-067
Key building Computer lab K2, room 2216 2 EDP-LiU-V-2-065
Key building Media lab, room 3314 3 EDP-LiU-V-2-057

Campus Norrköping

Building Location Floor Printer
Kåkenhus Library, room 5308 3 EDP-LiU-N-2-035
Kåkenhus Room 2217 2 EDP-LiU-N-2-007
Kåkenhus Room 4403 4 EDP-LiU-N-2-010
Kåkenhus Room 2421 4 EDP-LiU-N-1-068
Kåkenhus Room 2519 5 EDP-LiU-N-2-109
Täppan Room 4026 4 EDP-LiU-N-2-114
Täppan Room 5005 5 EDP-LiU-N-2-115
Kopparhammaren 2 Outside room KO104 1 EDP-LiU-N-1-056

Campus US

Building Location Floor Printer name
House 463 Library, copying 8 EDP-LiU-U-2-033
House 002 (Örat) Computer lab, 002 11 04  3 EDP-LiU-U-2-126
House 463 Reading room, room 052 9
House 448, North Entrance Student pringting room, 045 448 09 930   9 EDP-LiU-U-1-116
House 511 ("Växthuset") Outside lecture hall Belladonna 9 EDP-LiU-U-1-072

Campus Lidingö

Building Location Printer
Lars Bergsvägen 8 Möbeldesign EDP-LiU-C-2-077
Lars Bergsvägen 8 244 EDP-LiU-C-1-033

Contact and support

You are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk if you experience IT related problems at LiU and need help.

Regular opening hours:

Monday and Thursday 08:00-20:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00-17:00


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