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Printing, copying and scanning


Through an agreement with RICOH, LiU supplies a common printing solution for employees and students with printers and copiers. 

Choose eduPrint-LiU printer queue to print and easily retrieve your print from a printer of your choice. Log on to the printer using your LiU ID card and release your print.

To be able to print you need to set up a PayEx account, transfer money to the account and connect it with eduPrint. In the eduPrint print portal PaperCut you find account balance and print statistics. Follow the step by step instructions below.

PayEx to be withdrawn

Read the news article below.

Step by step instructions

1. Getting started

Go to guide.

2. Create PayEx account

Link to PayEx.

3. Connect your PayEx account

You need to be on LiU's network to log in. Go to guide.

4. Make a deposit to your PayEx account

Go to guide.

Printer functions

Print from campus computer

Go to guide (Windows).

Print from private computer and other devices

Go to the Papercut portal Mobility print guides and add the Mob-Black-LiU and/or Mob-Colour-Liu printer to your computer (you only have to do this once).

Balance, recent print jobs, web print, etc

Go to the Papercut portal

Withdraw money from PayEx


Go to guide.

Copy quick reference guide (PDF).


Scan quick reference guide (PDF).

Print shop services

LiU-Tryck (printing and graphic services).

Trouble shooting and report of error

Contact LiU-IT's Helpdesk.

Support PayEx


LiU-IT's Helpdesk has a system – ComAround – where the students can get answers for common questions.


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