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LiU-ID and LiU-card

As a student at Linköping University you get access to a user-id called LiU-ID and a personal access card called the LiU-card.

The LiU-ID is a central user identity consisting of a username and password, that you use to log in to all the university's IT services.

The LiU-card is a plastic card with the following functions:

  • Access card on Campus
  • Library card
  • Copy/print card
  • Bus card on the Campus bus
  • Electronic identification for internal use at LiU
  • Identification for exams (Please note that new LiU-cards issued from August 1st no longer applies as identifications at exams. Therefore, bring driving license, passport or other valid identification instead.)
  • Membership card at Campushallen, Campus Valla

How to get LiU-ID and LiU-card

  1. Register for your courses.
  2. From August 1 new student can upload a portrait image in Min IT by following the instructions. In order to get a LiU-card, you must first upload a portrait image under "My profile" in Min IT. (Please note that step 2 applies from 1 August and only for new students at LiU.)
  3. Collect your LiU-ID and LiU-card at an Info Centre. Bring an ID document; passport, national ID card or driving license if you are from within the European Union, passport only if you are from outside the EU.
  4. Link your LiU-card to the print function in order to be able to use the printers at LiU. 

Change PIN

You can change the PIN on your card by either visiting Info Centre or by sending an email with the new PIN to infocenter@liu.se from your student e-mail address.

Block your LiU-card

If you lose your LiU-card you must block it immediately by either:

  • Visiting Info Centre, or
  • Sending an e-mail from your student e-mail account to infocenter@liu.se.

After blocking, a new LiU-card can be obtained for free from any Info Centre.

Contact Info centre

Contact form

Telephone: +46 13 281000, Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30.

We answer questions via contact form and phone all summer.

Visiting hours:

Studenthuset, Campus Valla 8:00-4:30 pm.

Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping 8:00-4:30 pm.

Växthuset, University Hospital Campus 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

Page manager: infocenter@liu.se
Last updated: 2019-08-21