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Where to use the card?

Access card

Campus Valla

Tillträde för studenter

The LiU-card is the university's access card. The common access that all students get opens the main entrances to houses A, B, C, D, G and Key according to the map on the right.

The common access also gives access to the computer rooms Knutpunkterna, which are available to all students at the university. They are found in buildings D and Key on campus Valla, Örat and Birgittaskolan on campus US and in Bomullsspinneriet on campus Norrköping.


Students who follow certain programs or study certain subjects gain extra access according to the following list:

Campus Norrköping

The LiU-card is an access card at the university. The common access (which all students get) opens the main entrances to all buildings on Campus Norrköping, and the Knutpunkten computer room in Bomullsspinneriet.

map Norrköping








Library card

The LiU card works as a library card at the university libraries.

Copy- and printcard

The LiU-card is used to log on to the university's xerox machines and printers. Read more about the printing system here.


The card is the official LiU student's ID and works as an identity card on campus (on exams, for example) and at the Herrgår'n and Nationernas Hus student pubs. Be aware that the LiU-card is not accepted as an ID card anywhere else, though.

Bus card

LiU-card can be used as a bus card on Linköpings universities own bus line The Campus Bus.

Student discount

Some shops in Linköping offers discounts if you show the LiU card and thus proves that you are a student. From the autumn semester of 2012, the LiU-card also incorporates a Mecenat card, which is a national student discount card.

Membership card at LSIF

The academic sports club LSIF puts their training cards on the LiU card.

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Last updated: 2014-01-03