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Change of tuition fee status

The tuition fee status of a new student is determined during the application process based on submitted documents. Your status depends on how your documents correlate to Monday of the roll-call week of your programme/course. If you are an enrolled student your tuition fee status depends on the type of supporting documents.

If you have been assessed to be a “fee payer”, but believe you are eligible for a change of status to “non-fee payer”, please proceed as follows:

1. Send an email to admissions@liu.se stating the reason(s) for the change in fee status.

2. Always attach pages of your passport that show identity and the validity period of the passport or your valid identity card. Please scan the original document(s) and attach to your email.

3. Attach documents that demonstrate the grounds on which you qualify for non-fee payer status. Please scan the original document(s) and attach to your email.

Possible types of documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid identity card which clearly states citizenship and the card’s expiration date. Note! Driver’s license is not accepted.
  • Official document. Citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland who do not have a valid passport or identity card which contains information about both citizenship and expiration date can instead submit an official document which certifies their citizenship. This document must be certified and stamped. Please note that this official document must be officially translated to English, French, German or one of the Nordic languages if it has been issued in a different language.
  • Decision (all pages) regarding your residence permit for other reasons than studies from the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • Application receipt (mottagningskvitto) regarding your application for extension of your latest residence permit that was granted for other reasons than studies. The application receipt date must be before expiration date of your latest residence permit. Your latest residence permit (all pages) must also be submitted.

The university will decide about change of tuition fee status and whether any refunds are to be paid. If the student is unable to provide sufficient evidence, the fee-payer status remains unchanged.

If you have already paid your tuition fee and would like to apply for refund please see information about refunds of Tuition Fees above.

Questions about fees and refunds

Contact the Admissions Office, admissions@liu.se, if you have any questions about fees or refunds.

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Last updated: 2020-04-16