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EU/EEA citizens

If you come from an EU/EEA country to study at Linköping University, you have the right of residence and do not need to apply for a residence permit. Special rules apply to citizens of Switzerland. Read more here

As of 1 May 2014, you are no longer required to register your right of residence for stays over three months.

If you are staying in Sweden for over a year, turn directly to the Swedish Tax Agency to be registered in the population database and receive a civic registration number.

You still are required to have a health insurance with full coverage from your home country. Note that while technically, a private insurance is allowed, it can often be more problematic. Do your best to get a certificate where it is stated in English that you have full cover, preferrably also listing a contact person.

You may also be asked for a guarantee that you have enough money to support yourself. You are not required to submit any bank certificate. Sign a statment along the lines of:

"I hereby swear that am able to support myself durign my studies in Sweden.

/Signed, date and place/"

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Last updated: 2018-03-27