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Accommodation for second year fee-paying students 

As a first year international fee-paying Degree student you are offered a student corridor room through LIU during the first two semesters of your studies. This means that by the end of your first year your contract will expire and it can not be renewed (see your housing contract for details). Thus, you must ensure you will have accommodation for the rest of your stay at Linköping University. Consequently, we recommend you register with different local housing companies as soon as possible. Registering means you will sign up and create an account for their student housing queue and start collecting queue points that will allow you to be eligible for future housing vacancies. You will get one point per day and the more points you have the greater the chance of getting an accommodation through them.


Find out how it works

The different student housing companies have slightly different routines for registering, but it can easily be done online.
You can register with both housing companies at the same time.

Find out how it works:


Once you have created an account and are in the queue you must visit their webpage and log in regularly to keep you position in the queue and to be able to search for suitable vacancies.

Moving out of your room 

Before leaving your room you need to make sure it is in good condition and properly cleaned.
Follow the steps below to be well prepared and avoid any extra costs.


1. Cancel your internet and parking lot

Do not forget to cancel an internet connection or parking lot! The easiest way of paying the last month's bill is to contact the provider and ask how much you owe them. It is more convenient to pay it while in Sweden. If you prefer to pay it from abroad you'll have to make sure the supplier has your home address.

2. Expect an inspection 

An inspection of your room will be done approximately two weeks before you move out. Make sure all the original furniture and equipment is in the room for the inspection. The inspectors check that everything in the room is in good condition. You will be held liable for the costs of any misuse (damages to the floor, holes in doors and broken windows) and/or extra cleaning.

3. Clean your room properly

Before moving out of the room it must be thoroughly cleaned.
Please note: if there are any complaints about your cleaning you will be charged for the additional costs. Follow the steps presented below or use this cleaning checklist.


Here are some tips:

The bathroom

  • The drain in the floor (under the bathtub or in the shower) must be cleaned out. You may have to remove the front of the bathtub to reach it. Open up the drain and remove the gunk that has collected and wipe it clean inside and out.
  • Underneath the sink must be cleaned.
  • The toilet must be spotless.

The room

  • All floors must be cleaned.
  • The radiators have to be cleaned from dust, do not forget the backside.
  • Painted areas have to be cleaned from dust. This includes the frames around the windows, doors and the skirting boards.
  • The windows have to be cleaned, including between the glass (there could be a latch in the frame that will help you to open the windows). If you need tools to open in between the windows, please visit Catarina Lorin at Zenit for a tool kit.
  • Clean the compartments and the drawers in the closets.
  • Clean the doors, remember the top of the door!

The kitchen

  • Clean all the cupboards from breadcrumbs and dust.
  • The refrigerator and the freezer must be defrosted/free of any ice.
  • The oven and the fan (take away the filter and clean it) have to be free from grease and other dirt.
  • Do not forget to pull out the oven to clean behind it.
  • Remove greasy spots on the doors of the cupboard.

3. Return the keys

All your keys should be returned to LiU Housing Coordinator Catarina Lorin (NOT Studentbostäder) when moving out. Otherwise we are obliged to install a new lock for the next tenant and you will be charged for the extra cost of changing the locks. This can cost up to 3800 SEK.

If you can not return the keys during office hours you can put them in an envelope and put the envelope in the mailbox placed by the entrance (number 31) outside the D-building. Remember to state your name and your address on it.

Address the envelope to:

Housing Coordinator/Catarina Lorin
International Students Reception, Zenit-building


N.B Your housing contract has a determined and agreed end date, therefore you will not need to think about cancelling the contract. Only if you wish to change the end date for your contract will you need to come and see us. It is, however, not possible to prolong it, only shorten it.

Do not hesitate to contact the International Student Coordinators if you have any questions.

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Last updated: 2018-08-23