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Studentbostäder in Linköping has an agreement with Utsikt Bredband AB. Bahnhof is the Internet Service Provider (ISP), who delivers the connection service in the city network.

There is no Wi-Fi in your accommodation, so you must use a cable between your computer and the broadband socket in the wall. The cable is not included in the rent (but often, the former tenant has left one behind). Follow the instructions below and after about 15 minutes the service is fully operable.

Note: Internet with speeds of up to 100/10 Mbit is included in the rent and will not be invoiced separately, unless you choose to sign up for another service, such as a faster connection.


Sometimes the former tenant forgets to cancel the internet account when moving out. It is not allowed to use another person’s account and therefor you must contact Utsikt and ask them to cancel the former one and "register and activate" you. When making this phone call, have your housing contract in hand, you will need the information on it.


How to connect:

  • Plug in the network cable from the computer to the broadband socket in the wall (make sure it’s not the TV/ComHem socket). If you have a computer without a network socket you will need an adapter or a router. The network cable should instead be connected between the router and the broadband socket in the wall.
  • You can buy a cable, router or adapter at e.g Elgiganten, Clas Ohlsson, Kjell o Company.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Make sure your computer settings are set to receive automatic IP-addresses (DHCP).
  • To access the internet - write www.utsikt.se. You should now reach a starting site. Choose your option of connection and follow the instructions. 
  • When registering, you are asked to give a twelve digit number, use your T-/P-number (to be found on your housing contract) Add "19" or "20" in the front if needed to get twelve digits. If this does not work, choose an optional figure instead of the T or P. If it still does not work, contact Utsikt and ask them for help to "register and activate".


Don’t forget to inform Utsikt when you move out! logga


Questions regarding your account or registration.
Monday – Friday 09.00-16.00

Phone: 0771-50 40 50

E-mail: student@utsikt.se


Technical problems with the connection or if you have gotten an invoice for a faster internet, without having asked for it.
Monday - Friday 08.00-19.00,
Saturday - Sunday 10.00-14.30.

Phone: 010-510 00 00

For trouble shooting or to make a report: bahnhof.se/support

To chat: bahnhof.se/mina sidor


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Last updated: 2020-08-25