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LiU International Scholarships - second year

This page explains the process of awarding LiU International Scholarships for second year of studies for fee-paying master's students on two-year programmes.

Students who have received a scholarship from the first year of studies

LiU International Scholarships are awarded for the whole study period on the condition of sufficient academic progress is achieved during the first year as measured on July 1st. Read more on rules and regulations

Students who have received a scholarship from beginning of the studies are not required to submit an application for an extension for the second year. If the study results are acceptable, the scholarship will be prolonged.

Students who have not made sufficient academic progress will lose the scholarship and will be required to pay fees to be able continuing their studies.

Students who would like to apply for a second year scholarship 

Fee-paying students who have achieved excellent academic results during their first academic year may be eligible to apply for a scholarship for the second year of study. 

You cannot apply for a scholarship starting from the second semester of the first year.

A few scholarships will be awarded to second year students for the academic year 2019/2020. The application period will be 25-30 April. The application form will be published on this page.


LiU International Scholarships academic year 2019/2020, 2nd year in Master's Programme

The application for the academic year 2019/2020 is now closed.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering *) offers 6 scholarships of 50% (tuition fee waiver) to students with excellent results from their first year. To be eligible you must have at least 35 credits from the first year of the programme and then average grade should be minimum 4.


​*) The following programmes: ​Aeronautical Engineering, Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Communication Systems, ​Computer Science, Design, ​Ecology and the Environment, Electronics Engineering, ​Industrial Engineering and Management, Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics, ​Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Organic Synthesis/Medicinal Chemistry ​Sustainability Engineering and Management. 


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences **) offers 2 scholarships of 50% (tuition fee waiver) to students with excellent academic results from their first year. To be eligible you must have passed all courses within the programmes at application deadline and have at least grade B in all courses.


**) The following programmes: Business Administration - Strategy and Management in International Organisations, Child Studies, Computational Social Science, Ethnic and Migration Studies, Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change, International and European Relations, Science for Sustainable Development, Statistics and Machine Learning


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Instructions regarding the scholarships will be given directly from the programme director.


The Faculty of Educational Sciences will not be offering any scholarships this year.


Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the university. Satisfying the requirements of academic excellence does not guarantee scholarship for year two.


Successful candidates will be informed by email in the end of May.

Swedish Institute Scholarships - extension

Holders of Swedish Institute (SI) scholarships need to submit documents after the first semester of studies, showing satisfactory study progress has been made, in order to be able to receive continued scholarship from third semester.

Students who do not make satisfactory study progress or leave Sweden without prior agreement with SI will be reported and may lose their scholarship support; in some cases, repayment may be demanded.

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