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International Student associations

Linköping university boasts a lively student life with numerous students organisations. Check out the Student pages about Student life and Student Associations!

There are three main organisations for international students:


isaInternational Students Association - by international students, for international students. ISA arranges a number of fun and practical activities in Autumn and Spring. Their most famous activities are Flying Dinner (where participants cook food in groups and move from house to house) and the international carneval and fair known as iDay. ISA also has a lively Facebook network of students looking to buy, sell and exchange things at low prices.


esnErasmus Student Network - Swedish students organising events and parties for all international students. They sell student overalls, the usual uniform for student parties called kravalls. They also are the ones who make it possible to get a peer student who will guide you. Never mind the name, all international students are welcome!



aivAssociation for International Visitors - Swedish people looking to make international friends. Each semester, AIV offers a a number of activities with focus on culture and exploring the region. They also match international students with friend families.





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