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Tuition fees - terms of payment

In general, citizens of countries other than EU/EEA and Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees. Cf. Am I required to pay? by the Swedish National Application Service.


How current students pay next semester's tuition fees

1. When to pay

Enrolled LiU students pay tuition fees for each coming semester in advance. Normally, the deposit covers one semester at a time. The deadlines each year are:

Semester 2: 15 December
Semester 3: 10 August
Semester 4:  15 December

Note:  If you are a new student about to start your first semester at LiU, the payment is due on 10 June for semester 1 and all information on paying fees can be found here.

2.  How to pay 

You will receive an email from LiU with an invoice at least a month before the payment deadline. Students can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer. The payment must be in Swedish Krona (SEK).

Online payment using a credit card 

Go to the online payment service: Pay-Online (VISA and MasterCard accepted). To enable us to match your payment with your application, please make sure to use your invoice number. Please note that you have to pay the whole invoice sum in one transaction as the invoice number expires when your transaction has succeeded. 

To pay with a credit card, go to the Pay-Online service. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in the online payment service.


Payment by bank transfer

Payment transaction must include the following to enable us to match your payment with your application: first name, surname, and your invoice number.

Bank information:

Name of bank: Danske Bank
Address of bank: Box 7523, SE 10392 Stockholm
IBAN: SE13 1200 0000 0128 1011 7713
​Beneficiary: Linköping University
​Address of LIU: SE 581 83 Linköping 

​If you are paying tuition fees from a Swedish bank, use our bankgiro account: 5050-0016.

​Bank transfer can take a long time. Please follow these steps carefully:

​1. Inform your bank about the deadline for payment and that Linköping University must have received your payment by the deadline.
​2. Important! The transferred amount must include all bank fees. Students are expected to meet the tuition fee costs at the SEK value, regardless of any changes in exchange rates. No shortfalls due to exchange fee fluctuations may arise.

Confirmation of payment

As soon as your payment has been registered by LiU, you will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail.

3. Students who do not pay on time 

Students who do not pay their tuition fees in time for the coming semester will receive a decision of suspension. A suspended student will no longer be able to enrol for new courses or examinations. To re-register for courses already paid for will be allowed.

Tuition fee payment objections will be accepted in two cases:

If you are not required to pay the tuition fee based on citizenship or a valid residence permit for other reasons than studies.

If you have been granted Leave of absence with a guaranteed place offer at return.

Questions? Please email admissions@liu.se.


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Last updated: 2020-06-01