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Post to former tenant

When you move into your student accommodation, you might find post to the former tenant. Do the following:

  • Make a cross over the name and address
  • Draw an arrow pointing at the senders address
  • Put it in the nearest yellow mail box (a box for sending) and the post will return it to the sender.

Receiving packages

  • If you order a package to your address where you live you, will get a paper note in your letterbox, saying when and where to pick up the package. If you give them your mobile number, they will probably send you a text message with the same information. Bring your passport or ID when picking up your package. There are different delivery points depending on where you live and the shipping company. 
  • Advertisements in your letter box you can just throw away.

Home insurance

As a student you need insurance to protect your home and your belongings. Länsförsäkringar Östgöta, Studentbostäder, Studentbo have therefore joined forces to offer you a good home insurance policy. See link for more information. 


Heimstaden: Washing powder and softener is for free when using the laundry facilities. Tenants renting a room from LiU can only use the laundry rooms in the basement of Ryds Allé 9, there you find a booking board. Hold your black tag towards the reader and make the booking.

Studentbostäder: Washing powder and softener is for free when using the laundry facilities. Visit www.studentbostader.se and go to "My pages" to make a booking. 

If you can not book the laundry via My pages at www.studentbostader.se, the reason might be that you did not register yourself on "My pages" on their web page when you first received the news that the room was booked for you. If so, the landlord had to register you, and make a password etc for getting you into their system. You need to contact Studentbostäder to get the password or to make a new one. However, Studentbostäder also have laundries you can use as drop-in without booking in advance. Laundries placed in the basements are generally for drop-in.


Heimstaden: The sauna is located in the basement of Ryds Allé 9, and it is for free. You book it on the wall outside the sauna.

Studentbostäder: You book it via "Mina sidor/My pages" at their web site. It is for free.

Guest room 

Heimstaden: In the basement of Ryds Allé 9 you find a guest room to rent. It costs 400 SEK per night or Friday to Monday 800 SEK. The price is including bed linen and a bath towel. Contact Heimstaden to make a reservation.

Studentbostäder: Studentbostäder have eight guest rooms. They can be booked by you if you get visitors. The price is 250 kr per night, and 750 kr for weekends. Contact Studentbostäder to make a reservation.

Recycling rooms

Heimstaden: They are located on the parking, opposite to Ryds Centrum. Use the green pillars outside the entrance, to throw your household waste.

Studentbostäder: See the area maps, where to find them.


There are quite good opportunities to rent a parking lot in the student area of Ryd if you have a car. This can be organized once you have arrived in Linköping. The cost is approx 300 SEK/month. You pay via the app SMS Park and find the parking lots next to Ryds Allé 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 (make sure you park at those exact adresses and get the right code for the app). How to register in the app: choose "non-Swedish nationality" with blue text and register your e-mail and card number.

Service and tools

Heimstaden offer their customers two hours assistant then moving it to the apartment and also a possibility to borrow a tool box. For more information click here. You kan also borrow tools from FR Ryd regardless which landlord you have. Check out their website for more information. 


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Last updated: 2020-12-10