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Furniture and utensils in your accommodation

Here you can see what furniture and utensils you can expect in your accommodation. Follow this link










Indoor temperature

During autumn when the weather turns it can feel shivery even indoors. Only wearing a short sleeved t-shirt is not recommended. You are cold and the radiators feels lukewarm. The first thing you can do when you experience that; turn the handle of the radiator back and forth 10-15 times. If it still does not work, measure the temperature in your room. You may borrow a thermometer at the office of the landlord. Hold the thermometer at least a meter from the walls and approximately a meter and a half above the floor. If you get a result of 20⁰ C then you have a normal indoor temperature according to the public health authorities’ recommendations. The property owners, have a responsibility towards our impact on the environment and every degree in temperature increase has a negative impact on our environment.


Below we have collected some advice for you to reach the correct temperature in your apartment:

  • The thermostat regulates the warmth

The warmth will spread in the apartment through water circulating in the radiators. There is a valve on them regulating the water flow. Usually, the valve is a thermostat valve making sure the right amount of warm water gets through, when needed, to achieve heat release. The room should be 20⁰C when the valve is fully open.

  • The warmth is regulated automatically

If the radiators are cold, it does not necessarily mean the apartment is cold. We have a centrally controlled heating system for optimal energy consumption and good comfort. During the summer months (at times even spring and autumn) it means that the heat will turn off when it is not necessary to keep the right indoor temperature.

  • Let the air circulate

The air around the radiators has to be able to flow freely for the thermostat to work properly. If you for example have thick curtains or other furniture close by the radiator, the thermostat will perceive the temperature higher than it actually is and therefore lower the warmth.

  • Ventilate properly – preferably with an air-draught

Air out short and effective, preferably with a proper air-draught. Turn the thermostat valve off while you are ventilating. If the windows are left half-open we lose a lot of valuable energy out of an environmental perspective.








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