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Tip the Police About the Criminal Incident’s in Ryd

If you saw or heard anything out of the ordinary the night between Mars 7th and 8th in Ryd, it can be of high importance to the Police’s investigation.

During the night between Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of Mars at 01:55 there was a reported shooting nearby Ryds Herrgård (hg) in the neighborhood Ryd. The Police want tips about vehicles and people seen in the area, also including sightings from nearby streets such as Björnkärrsgatan and Alsättersgatan.

- Even the smallest observation could be of highest importance, says Erik Thulin from the Police.

In the current investigation there are witness information about a moped that the Police thinks may have a connection to the crimes. Therefore, the Police is very thankful for any information that involves sighting, or even hearing, a moped in Ryd on the night between Friday and Saturday at 01-06 in the morning.


Call the Police’s tip number about the event’s in Ryd: 010 - 56 66 258 or 010 - 56 67 466


The Police are now working hard to investigate and prevent the gang related crime in Linköping, and is acting to create safety.

These are the Police’s actions (among other things):

  • High visibility mainly in Ryd and Skäggetorp
  • All Police officers are directly or indirectly working to fight the organized crimes, from traffic police and youth officers, to investigation officers and the highest command.
  • Cooperation with the town, community and business operators
  • Higher focus from Social Action Teams
  • More controls of vehicles, people and houses

So far 4 people have been arrested for attempted preparation of arson, 3 for attempted preparation of serious assault, and 6 for drug offenses.

- The most important part of fighting crimes like this it cooperation. Individuals, business operators and the whole community need to stand up against this kind of organized crime, says Erik Thulin.

If you feel insecure and unsafe, and in need of someone to speak to, you are welcome to contact the Student Health Care Center at Linköping University: www.student.liu.se/studentstod/studenthalsan?l=en



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