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New look for LiU

Today is the launch of LiU’s new logo and graphic identity. The abbreviation LiU will feature more prominently, and the Swedish name for the Faculty of Health Sciences, ”Hälsouniversitetet”, will now make way for ”Medicinska fakulteten”.

Competition for students and staff is constantly rising, nationally and internationally. As Linköping University recruits 70 per cent of its students from outside the county of Östergötland, its communication must be consistent and clear. One part of retaining a strong position is the new graphic identity that the university is launching, in conjunction with its 40th anniversary.

”We have to make use of Linköping University’s strong brand, a result of its successful research and highly ranked study programmes. But to succeed we have to do this uniformly, all of us,” said LiU Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun.

The new profile applies from 20 May. However everything will not be replaced the first day. Digital channels get the new look right away, while printed materials, signage and so forth will be phased out gradually.

One change is that the abbreviation LiU will feature more prominently in the university’s communication, as it is the basis of the new logo.

”During our first 40 years our visual expressions have grown more and more disorderly, and our graphic identity has been patched and adjusted so many times that we were simply forced to take a new approach,” explained LiU Director of Communications Mariethe Larsson.

The seal that has been the logo since the university was founded in 1975 will remain, but only in special ceremonial contexts, for instance graduation documents and diplomas.

Also new is that the Swedish term ”Hälsouniversitetet” will be phased out in favour of ”Medicinska fakulteten”. This will facilitate the university’s efforts to further boost its profile. Furthermore, ”Medicinska fakulteten” is an accurate description, and the name was already often in use, in many contexts.


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Photo: Thor Balkhed


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Last updated: 2015-05-20