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Results of Student Questionnaire

Students are largely satisfied with studying at LiU. They are happy with the social environment but would like to see a better physical environment on campus.

The results from the fourth Student Questionnaire have been presented. LiU and the student unions organised the survey, which aims to gauge how LiU’s students perceive their time at university. The response rate was 55 per cent. The results are used to identify areas that require improvement.

”The statistics have no value per se, what’s important is what we take from them and convert into real action. It’s inspiring because it’s apparent that the measures previously taken have actually improved things. Thanks to the student unions who did a brilliant job increaing the response rate,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Fälth-Magnusson.

Student satisfaction at Linköping University as a whole continues to increase slightly, with 84% responding that they are satisfied or very satisfied. The Library maintains its high ratings, despite reorganisation there this year, and Study Guidance is also on the rise. Nolle-P – the new students’ activities – scoops top marks. Overall, social factors such as the atmosphere in the programmes and fellow students get good results. However 4% said they have experienced some kind of bullying or sexual harassment, mainly from another student, and 7% reported gender-based discrimination. Negative stress was cited by 41% of the students as the largest obstacle, compared to 32% in 2010.

Lowest marks went to university premises, such as access to eating areas, quiet study spots and how the venues work. The students are happier about the selection of cafés and restaurants on campus, but less so about student kitchens and eating areas, compared to 2012. Students at the faculties of Arts & Sciences and Educational Sciences want more timetabled hours, while those at the faculties of Science and Engineering and Medicine and Health Sciences are happy with theirs. It was possible to enter free text responses, which 4,000 students did. The most common remarks concerned the campus environment.

Ann Holmlid is director of administration at LiU. She is the contact person for the student unions, and head of the group that has worked on the Student Questionnaire.

What is the most interesting part of the results?

"That we managed to further lift the students’ positive image of LiU, despite starting from a high result. If you look at the 10 questions where the results changed most, compared to 2012, the change is positive in nine out of ten cases.

Another point is the excellent response rate. The students are very involved, which gives weight to the results. We benefit greatly from the results, this is an important part of LiU’s efforts to improve.

I also want to mention the results for Nolle-P, which are the new students’ activities. The student unions arrange this part of the student reception, together with the university. They work hard to make sure that it is an inclusive experience that gives the students the best possible start to their studies. So a big thank you to Lintek, StuFF and Consensus, and all the sections and peer students who work with Nolle-P."

What are your comments on the aspects that got lower results, such as interiors and Lisam?

"Improvements are on the way, for instance the new student building at Campus Valla. There we’re delivering more reading and study spaces and several quiet areas. But we have other campuses, and the student building at Valla won’t be ready until 2018. By that time a whole generation of students will have started and finished their studies. So we have to work with other solutions. This work is underway, together with representatives from all the student unions.

Lisam is quite new and has had some teething problems. We have worked on this, but we need to make further improvements. The students’ free text responses provide valueable input for how we should prioritise our efforts."

Julius Nilsson is director of student welfare at StuFF, the student union for Arts and Sciences and Educational Sciences.

What is the most interesting part of the results?

"We haven’t had time to go through the results in detail, but I see that ”feedback on your performance” gets low results, again. I’m pleased to see that Nolle-P gets such good results. And it’s a concern that more people are experiencing negative stress as the primary obstacle in their studies. As workplace ombudsmen we really need to work on this."


Student Questionnaire

Annika Johansson 2015-05-28

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