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Welcome to KALAS!

Kalasmottagningen is a welcome ceremony for all new students at Linköping University. It take place September 2nd at SAAB Arena.

Kalasmottagningen is a welcome ceremony, which can be divided into 3 main parts - the student life, the region Östergötland and a memorable welcome to all new students at Linköping University. The organisers expect 8,000 visiting students, which makes this event the biggest in Sweden for new students.

To give you the opportunity to get to know the city in a quick and easy way, KalasmässanKALAS has gathered some of the local companies in another fair out side the hockey rink. Take your chance to learn more about the possibilities for work in Östergötland! The company fair is called Företagsmässan in Swedish.

The day starts with the two fairs with student associations and the local companies. At 15.00 the outside area opens, offering food, drinks and music. As a final we will give the stage to Galantis. The night will thereafter continue at the outside area until 01.00.

More information about Kalas

Galantis to play at Kalas (LiU-nytt 2015-08-18)

Photo Kalas: Göran Billeson. Poto Galantis: Shawn Ahmed (Coachella Day 2 2ndWeek Galantis) CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) via Wikimedia Commons.


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