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Assaults in Ryd

On Sunday evening three women were assaulted in three different incidents in Ryd, a district in Linköping. The culprits are believed to be the same people in each case.

Two of the incidents took place at 6 pm on Sunday evening near Ryds Herrgård, a restaurant-club venue. Two young men threatened to take out a knife and demanded the woman’s mobile phone. However the robbery attempt failed.

A short time later, another woman was stopped on her bicycle next to the football fields by three young men who tried to kick her to the ground. The Police have labeled the incident as assault.

Later in the evening a woman was robbed near the Ryd Boulevard. The offenders first followed her, before taking her wallet and some groceries.

The offenders are believed to be between 15 and 18 years of age. The Police have questioned four residents of Ryd and adjacent districts, and are conducting further interviews with the victims and the four who have been questioned.

”They are not formally suspects at the moment,” said Fredrik Kliman, spokesperson for the Police, and added that the Police have increased their presence in Ryd.

Tips can be made by calling 114 14.

Eva Bergstedt 2015-11-10

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