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Do you want to be the first to try Liuapp?

Many have been expecting a mobile application that integrates the student life at LiU (Linköping University) and the IT department is currently working on it. The aim is that the app should include everything that is related to the student life and that is reasonable to do on a phone: Some administrative services but also information about the student life on the campus, about student organizations, etc. A first version helping you to manage your examinations will soon be released.

Telefon med LiUappen uppeThere is only one way for us to ensure that the app will be as easy as possible to use and this way is to get feedback from the students. We are already working with a group of students to decide and prioritize the future content of the app – our focus group. We are now looking for more students (about 20 to 30) who want to participate in our beta group.

Do you want to take a sneak peek at Liuapp and get a chance to influence it?

Students in the beta group will be the first able to try Liuapp, tell us their opinion about the experience and report any problems that may occur. Your participation is very important and appreciated, as it will help us deliver a well-working application to all students.

You will also be first able to try every forthcoming version of Liuapp that will contain new functionality. You will be in touch with people at the IT department who want to hear your opinion to create the best user experience.

The beta group is opened to all students studying at Linköping University and who use either and Android (4.1.2 or later) or an iPhone (iOS 8 or later) smartphone. Your help is voluntary (no compensation).

If you want to participate, please write a few lines: Your name, what you are studying, how long you have been studying, what sort of smartphone you use (iPhone or Android, which model, which OS version), contact information (email, …) and send it to Thibault Durand (LiU:s IT department)


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Last updated: 2015-11-25