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Linköping is University City of the Year

All on the podium with flowersCollaboration, student democracy, development in teaching and learning, and a sense of home. In a long citation that covered a large number of points, the head of the Swedish National Union of Students announced that Linköping had been named 2016/17 University City of the Year.

Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun, Linköping mayor Christina Edlund and the three student unions were all present at the Kollektivet Building when Caroline Sundberg, head of the Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, presented the University City of the Year.

And she did this with a lengthy citation which included everything from collaboration with the municipality and students, to the developments in teaching and learning to the fact that LiU has gender lecturers.

”With a strong student voice, active town planning and an interest in improving both the university and the town, I am proud to give the award to Linköping,” said Caroline Sundberg.

By actively listening to the opinions of the students, Linköping University has engaged Linköping Municipality, the region of Östergötland and the business sector, in creating a university town that stands out. Linköping has become a shining example, a place that cares for all students and student life,” was the summary of the citation in a press release from StuFF, a student union at LiU.

”We’re extremely proud. Student democracy at LiU is extraordinary. This award is confirmation that we students who work as volunteers for a vibrant student life have succeeded. We’re on the right track,” said Martina Johansson, head of StuFF, on behalf of the student unions, before it was time to cut the cake.

Students cutting the cake”I’m doubly proud, this is the second time we get this award. In 2014 it was Norrköping’s turn,” said Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun.

”About 70 per cent of the students at LiU come from other regions. For us it’s very important that they come to a town where they feel welcome and soon feel at home.”

The fact is, Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun can be triply proud. Linköping also won the award once before – in 1999.

Linköping mayor Christina Edlund echoed Helen Dannetun’s thoughts when she thanked SFS for the award.

”We have a special responsibility to make sure the students are happy while studying at LiU. I’m proud – but we mustn’t rest on our laurels. We have lots to follow up now,” she said with a big smile.

Since 1999 the Swedish National Union of Students has presented the University City of the Year. The award goes to a university town where the municipality, university and student unions collaborate for the best of the students, where the students are happy and well taken care of, and where there is a well-functioning student democracy.


Gunilla Pravitz


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Last updated: 2016-05-16