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New liu.se – simpler, search driven, and focussed on the external visitor

On Wednesday, when you type www.liu.se into your browser, the page that loads will be completely different. Because we will have switched to the new LiU website. However as a student you won’t be affected to any great extent.

15 February is a milestone in LiU’s history. It’s when the we leave behind a 20-year-old website with more than three million pages, and shift up to a slimmed-down, state-of-the-art site, that much better meets the visitor’s needs.Lansering av nya liu.se - förhandsvisning på en Ipad

“Today, the purpose of a website is to serve the visitor, and to ensure they find what they’re looking for as easily as possible,” says LiU’s Director of Communications Mariethe Larsson, who together with Chief Information Officer Joakim Nejdeby has been in charge of developing the new external website.

One positive result of the website project is the faculty-wide study administrative information, which means prospective students can more easily compare content and setups of different courses and programmes. Previously this was arranged differently in different faculties, which made it difficult for students to compare. Additionally, these pages will be developed further this spring, becoming even more informative.
“As the pages continue to evolve, they will be a good source of information for recently admitted students. The plan is to connect Lisam to these pages, so everything is easy to find,” says Jörgen Nybrolin, project manager for the new website.

Couldn’t the launch have been delayed a bit?
“No, that isn’t an option. The student recruitment information on the old website isn’t complete. This is because those pages get information from the old course database which is no longer updated, because we now have the Bilda database. Also, for a long time the editors have been publishing on both the old and the new website, which is a drain on resources. For these reasons, the new website has to be launched now.”

The past months have been very busy times for editors and developers, and after the launch, development will continue through the spring. The list of things to finish is long. But the work won’t end there; today’s websites require constant maintenance, to stay up to date.
“This is the first step, and we’re delighted to have got this far. But the website, which is our most important communication channel, has to continue to evolve, in line with the requirements of the users,” says Mariethe Larsson.

How will students be affected?
Because the new website is intended solely for external visitors, as a LiU student you will not be greatly affected. You can continue to access the Student Website through student.liu.se, which will also be displayed as a link at the page bottom on the new site.

The Swedish programme pages will also remain unchanged, and are accessed just like before: by a drop-down list in the right margin on the Student Website.



Page manager: studentredaktionen@liu.se
Last updated: 2019-12-13