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Farewell Mingle for exchange students

Farewell mingle - students in audience laughing

On 17 May, a Farewell Mingle was held for departing exchange students who have studied at Linköping University during this year. 

This event is held each term and, as the international student coordinator Karolina Fransson says, “it is meant as a celebration for the completion of studies and a way for us to express how important exchange students are for LiU.”

Chiara, a student from Italy, is happy with her time here:
“Take the best out of your studies: buy a bike, try Swedish food, and enjoy every day you spend in Linköping – it is one of the best cities for students in Sweden. I am so happy to be here, and I hope to come here again!”

In the beginning she found the differences in the teaching process hard. In her home university, they have three months of lectures and then two months of exams. But she got used to it. 
“You have a lot of assignments and labs, but it only increases your motivation to study harder and do better.” 

Farewell mingle students eat, drink and mingleAmalia, an exchange student from Mexico who has studied Mechanical Engineering, was surprised by all the bicycles.
“When I first came to Campus Valla, I was shocked. I thought ‘what’s going on?’. There were bicycles everywhere! In the first month, I used to put my bike in the same place, I was so scared to lose it!” she says. 
“One of the biggest surprises for me was life here in general: it is so calm and quiet compared to my home country. I was living in a student dormitory in Ryd with seven Swedes. They were shy but very nice and friendly. We had fika every Friday.” 

Francesco, an Erasmus exchange student from Rome, made a presentation about impressions and expectations from his studies, which he shared with the others: 
“I am another person now, I don’t know who I am anymore”, he says about the Swedish habit of queuing everywhere, “they even make a queue during the night for the party tickets!”

Hannah from Hungary participated in trips with international student associations ESN and ISA. She also had a peer student.
“I really liked my peer student – she was so cool! She invited me for lunches, and we cooked meatballs together – it was the first time I tried it”, says Hannah. 

Luis from Spain bought a bike and used it to explore.
“We also have bikes in Spain but we don’t use them that often as Swedes do – more for pleasure”, he says. 

A lot of exchange students were pleasantly surprised by the weather. 
“I was prepared for worse because I heard how cold the weather in Sweden can be. However, I barely used anything I brought”, says Miranda from France. 

Story: Alexandra Koptyaeva
Photo credit: Thor Balkhed



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Last updated: 2017-05-26