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Computer labs now open to all students

Kille jobbar med sin datorStudents now have access to essentially all computer labs on Campus Valla, the University Hospital Campus and Campus Norrköping. 

The university has approximately 80 computer labs, and these will now no longer be locked. No special authorisation will be needed to access a computer lab. Until now, the computer labs have been administered by the relevant department and section: they will now be run by the IT Division. 

Studenttekniker“This is a step towards granting all students equal access to the university’s resources and enabling all to conduct their studies on campus. Further, all computer labs throughout the university will now be upgraded to the same standard,” says Martin Eneling, head of the Digital Resources Office, which is carrying out the change.

As previously, student technicians will be employed in the computer labs to offer a certain amount of service. You recognise these by their black sweaters with a LiU logo and the text “IT-avdelningen” on the back.

Access to a few computer labs will remain limited, in cases where the computers have specific software installed that cannot be made available on all computers due to cost. All computer labs will retain their current name.


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Last updated: 2017-09-11