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Connect your PayEx account to eduPrint

New printers have been installed at the university, although it will be possible to print on the old printers for a limited period. In order to use the new printers, you must connect your PayEx account to the printer portal, Papercut, and its printers, eduPrint-LiU. It is not possible to use PrintAnywhere with the new printers.

The university installed new printers in October. The new printers are of RICOH brand, and are labelled with a name of the form: EDP-LiU-N-2-035. The old printers are of Konica Minolta brand, and usually have the name of an animal as one part of the printer name. The old printers will remain at certain locations on the campuses during a transitional period, but will eventually be removed. The PrintAnywhere service will then no longer be available.

What was PrintAnywhere on the old printers is eduPrint on the new ones

On the old Konica Minolta printers, you must use PrintAnywhere to print. On the new RICOH printers, you must use eduPrint-LiU. You must connect your PayEx account as described in these instructions in order to use it with eduPrint-LiU.

Log in to the PayEx portal in order to see the payment solutions you have connected. If you have both PrintAnywhere and eduPrint connected, you can print on both types of printer.

In brief:

  1. Connect your PayEx account to the new printers eduPrint-LiU as described in these instructions.
  2. Check which type of printer you will be printing on, and select either PrintAnywhere (for the Konica Minolta printers) or eduPrint-LiU (for the RICOH printers) in the “Print” dialogue box on your computer.

The different types of printer

Look at the brand name/logo and the name of the printer (shown with a red ring in the photograph). The photo on the left shows an old printer from Konica Minolta, and that on the right a new printer from RICOH.

Konica minolta-skrivareSkrivare från Ricoh.















More information

See the page Printing and copying



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