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NB: Service interruption in Evaliuate

If you haven't received email for the course evaluation after the course has concluded, check the folders for "Övrigt" and "Spam/Skräppost". If the missing email is not in these folders, contact Evaliuate support (evaliuate@liu.se) and specify your name, student ID and the name and code of the course you have taken.


Following test operation of the new course evaluation system Evaliuate during the spring, it has now been taken into routine use.

This is how it works

When it is time for a course evaluation, you will receive an email message with a link. A course evaluation questionnaire contains twelve questions that mainly concern general aspects of the course. The questions may be in either Swedish or English, depending on the language in which the course was given. In addition, the faculty and the teacher responsible for the course may add further, more specific questions.

When a course evaluation has been concluded, participating students receive a report with the results. The aim of evaluation is to ensure continuous improvement of the courses. It is for this reason important that you complete the course evaluation after each course.

Do yourself and future students a favour – take part in the course evaluation!



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Last updated: 2018-10-08